Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tea Party

A sweet girl in my ward invited me to be apart of these monthly girl's nights with some of her family & friends. Her name is Oakley Howard (she's an awesome mom of 2 aDoRAbLe little kidlets, she has a sweet hubby, & she has her own at-home children's clothing line :). I'm SO grateful she invited me. Honestly, I'm so blessed I get to live with my best friend...but there's nothing like the a friendship between women. I really miss my sisters & my college roommates sometimes, and I work with only men all day at I'm so excited to start doing this monthly get together and get to know these awesome women better!

Oh, & this wasn't any normal tea party...we most definitely took this as an opportunity to get all dolled-up! ;) Gloves, hats, flowers, dresses, clutches, pearls, red lipstick adorned all the ladies...the works

We had a late afternoon tea at Tea's and You in's a beautiful, old home that was turned into a tea house :)

* This was our table...there were 3 tables in the room...full of friends & sisters having a lovely time together! *

* me, Oakley's sweet grandma, and Oakley :) *
Pinkies up ladies!!

* So many delectable choices...veggies, little sandwiches, & scones...mmmm! *

* Oakley's mom, Sydney, had a great idea! She brought her digital camera & her docking station so she could print pictures right there at the tea house! She brought those cute little gold frames & took a picture of each of us all dolled-up to put in the frames...a fun little keepsake :) When I came home, I told Adam he should take it to work and put it on his desk...haha! *

* Here's Oakley posing for her picture :) i LOVED her black lacy gloves...and he hair piece! And SHE made it!! (you can see the hair piece better in other pictures) *

* Oakely and me *

* Here's Sydney...she had the most OUTRAGEOUSLY, AWESOME hat!! And, just like Oakley, she made her hat! It's one-of-a-kind, that's for sure ;) *

* Here are some of the "younger ladies" *

*[almost] the whole group! (some had to leave early) *

I had such a great time! Thanks so much Oakley!! :)
And I've loved herbal tea forever...but this inspired me to start shopping for cute tea pots & cups & saucers :)


Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

What a fun little girls activity you looked the part perfectly!

Jenny said...

Thanks fpr coming, it is so much fun to have lots of people there, and more fun to meet new people. Hope that you come next month..

Anna Bean said...

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