Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nacho Surprise & UP

Last night on my way home from the gym I decided to give the hubby a call :)
He just happened to be on his way home too...woohoo!
I said:
"What should we have for dinner tonight lover?"
He said:
"Anything sounds good."
I said:
"Well, I could drop by the store & grab some peppers & mushrooms & we could use the chicken we have to make some BBQ cabobs...Or we could have some pasta & veggies...Or we could have the left over chicken cattiatore from last night that you also had for lunch today?" (I say the last part with a sarcastic giggle)
He said:
"The left overs sounds great!" (is he amazing or what??)
I said:
"I can most definitely deal with that...See you in a bit babe! I love you!!!!"
He said:
"Love you more."

...I get home about 15 minutes before he & his hott bod walk in the door. He tells me he's had a pretty lloooooooonnngg day at work...his company is moving locations (big upgrade! I'm excited for him!) & the new place doesn't have AC running quite yet...so moving lots of boxes & furniture & having meetings in an 80 degree building kind of took it out of him :( He just wanted a night to relax...like I said before, I can deal with that! And before I know it, he pulls a few grocery bags from behind his back...full of surprise treats for the our fun & relaxing night! In the sacks were a couple bags or tortilla chips, cheese dip, sweet & spicy salsa, & blueberry muffins for breakfast (which we enjoyed this morning)....honestly, I would've gone straight to the ice-cream isle for my treat...but his choices were pretty darn tasty! And since our house isn't much better than his office (our AC needs to be fixed, *sigh*)...He then said he wanted to go see a movie, in the cool (temperature) movie theater...3rd time of the night: I can deal with that!! It was almost 8 by then...(yes, we eat dinner a lot later than we probably should)...and the movie UP was playing at 8:50...perfect. We had just enough time to gobble down some quick nachos, and get some snacks ready to smuggle in the theater (there is no chance I'm going to let the movie theater rob me with their outrageous prices for food!)...we popped some popcorn, put it in a zip-lock, Adam grabbed some peanut M&M's & I grabbed some gummi life savers (candies from our cubscout treat bowl, haha)...We put everything in one of my "Mary Poppins" purses (as the hubby always likes to call them) and we head off to a night at the theater :)

The movie was awesome!!! It honestly made me feel every emotion in the book!...watch it and you'll see =) It had some really great morals that Adam & I talked about on the way home...it was one of those movies that make you smile from ear to ear after you watch it... :)

PS - You can see the movie in 3-D!!! I love technology =)


Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

How fun. I have been wanting to take Ady to that movie. Now, I will go for sure.

Lena said...

I have been dying to take the kids to that one! We might have to skip one of the many swimming adventures!

Lena said...

Ummm...I am a little tired and I forgot that I originally got on to post about the NACHOS! Yea for nachos!

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