Monday, June 29, 2009

2-day trip to AZ

My awesome brother, Ryan, flew me down to Arizona to visit with him & his family for a coupl days :)
...Then I'd drive up to Utah with Lena (sister-in-law) and the kids (my adorable nieces & nephews) They are going to visit Lena's family, up in Idaho, while Ryan stays in Arizona and works...'til he flies up for our Family Reunion!

I just wish Adam could've come!...but he had to be at work.
..being a grown up stinks sometimes. But overall, i love it!

Here are a few of our adventures on this short, but incredibly fun, trip to my brother & his family's beautiful home in AZ!

* Indi, Walker, & Rem are amazing swimmers!...Remington & Indi can do the butterfly & the out Michael Phelps! *

* They love the Cali. Pizza Kitchen & were sweet enough to take me there for dinner!...I talk it about my favorite dish in my last post...mmmmm!*

* After dinner we went to the Tempe Lake (next to ASU)...and rented some paddleboats! My first time...and it was beautiful :) *

* After driving up to Utah on Friday, they stayed at our house :) Saturday morning the kids had fun on the swing-set and Indi looooovved picking the strawberries in the front yard! *

Thanks so much for a great time Ryan and Lena!!
Next time, Adam will be coming with me :) most definitely!
We can't wait =)

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Lincoln and Alisia said...

How fun! Gotta love these summer days, looks like you have been taking advantage!

PS I posted on my blog how to make the super old photos... but looks like I need to learn from you how to make my photos look better. What photoshop program do you use?

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