Friday, June 5, 2009


I get to be reunited with my other half tonight!! yahoo! :) It's honestly been a loooooonnnngg 3 days.
I can't wait to hold him...
I do have to say being apart has actually brought back some sweet memories :) Let me explain...well, since he's been away, it's reminded me a lot of when we were dating at college! (at least on week days...we tried to be good students;)
I've had some major dajavu moments the last few days...
getting butterflies in my stomach from an unexpected text
hanging up from a phone call & having a perma-smile for 3 hours
counting down the hours 'til Friday night
thinking of the outfit I'd wear for our Friday night date
and going to bed wishing i could dream of him
(i rarely dream...bummer)
So, I thought I'd take a little stroll down memory lane of our courtship :) Here are a couple pictures from when we were dating...
I'm the luckiest.
* Halloween '07...we can't help how ridiculously good looking we are *
* winter time '07 ... date night with one plate of pasta :)
Lady & the Tramp style... ** December '07 ...Adam came to my Vancouver!!
Jumpin' in the good ol' NW rain... ** February '08 ... dinner before Valentine's Dance at BYUI <3>
* January 26th, 2008 ... my birthday dinner at Adam's apartment
... just before Adam's 007 surprise purposal! *
* May '08 ... he came to Vancouver for me to receive my endowments in the Portland Temple *

If any of you have seen the show'll know what I mean by:


Lena said...

Oh my gosh Hay's! that first pic has got to be BLOWN UP and FRAMED! I love it! You guys are the best nerds ever! Glad you are reunited!

AmyK said...

Fantastic pictures!

Cheri said...

I saw your blog from the Rockstar Diaries blog and anyway, I just thought I'd say I love the dejavu moments you had...I just barely graduated from high school but I too love the butterflies from unexpected texts and the smile after a good phone call :) Thanks!

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