Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life's Soundtrack

...you know how when you watch a movie, there are those parts that make you hold your breath because they're so intense, or grab you sweetheart 'cause you're so scared, or laugh 'til your stomach hurts cause it was so hilarious, or cry because you're heart is breaking for a certain character, or *sigh* because it was just so romantic...well, there's always some sort of music in the background during those parts. I love that about movies.

And honestly, I wish that would happen to me in real life. I'd like that very much actually :)

I'd have a song for when I wake up next to my sweetheart,

and a song playing while I am working out at the gym,

and another playing while I'm driving my car,

a song playing while I was doing dishes with my sweetheart,

and I'd have a song playing when my sweetheart would give me a wink and I'd go in for a ridiculously, long romantic kiss (hey, we're married;)

...and there'd be songs for the others ups & downs of life.

But for now, I love it when my sweetheart sings softly in my ear...
or loudly from the shower &/or other room ;) He gets the job done quite nicely.

Life is good. VERY good.

Plus, we have much...

PS - My very most favorite (in the whole universe!) movie soundtrack is from The Holiday...Hans Zimmer is the composer, he's brilliant. Check it out on iTunes, you won't regret it :)


Jennifer Kartchner said...

OMG!! i'd love to have my life soundtrack playing in my ears all day! it would be such a nice pick me up! and i wish you could hear other peoples soundtracks too! it would be so fun if when you got like two feet away from someone you knew exactly what kind of mood they're in by the type of song playing! So fun!

Jenni M. said...

I'd never really thought about this until now....What a fun thought!

Jon & Margaret Leavitt said...

Haley, I don't know where you come up with this stuff, but I love it!!! I was thinking this morning about what you said, and think about it, guys would understand girls so much more if we had music playing to our emotions and the context of our life. All in all, I think it would make lives better, seriously you could know when someone was sad, happy, in danger, excited, nervous...this would be neat! Thank you for the beautiful thought!

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