Saturday, October 31, 2009

We love Halloween time!

Here are a few reasons why:

* Spooky Cupcakes*

* Snacking on orange oreos and chocolate milk...mmmmm! *

* Putting spider webs on everything...i'm wierd, but i love that stuff! *

* Halloween decor and treats *

* Picking the perfect pumpkin(s)! *

* Carving the pumpkins...while watching a DVD on the laptop :) *

* pumpkin GUTS *

* first Eggnog of the season...while carving. Cheers! *

* Getting sweet treats from sweet sister-in-laws!!! (thanks SO much Becca! it was delish) *

And last but not least...going to Walmart and seeing these fellows enjoying All Hallow's Eve a bit too much...LOVE IT!!! hahahaha!
(check out this guys' legs! bow-chica-wowWow!! HA)



Sunshine Promises said...

Oh the sights to be seen at Walmart. Wow.

BTW - thanks for the darling Halloween treats. The kids LOVED them. And I wore the earrings on Sunday. You DO have good taste, girl!

Hope your day was wonderful.

Laura Essig said...

How fun, mmm.. those cupcakes look delish!

Default said...

this is so darling!!! i love your blog!! it's charming!

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