Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday catch-up :)

I have neglected our blog...sorry little blog :)
And i figured I'd better catch up on the last holiday (Halloween) before this next one (Turkey-Day in Spokane)!

Adam and i had a great Halloween!! We got dressed up...had too much fun doing just that...and then headed to a friend/co-worker or Adam's for a little partay :)

Can you guess what we dressed up as????
* "Peace & Quiet" heehee (a hippy and a mime) *

* the food was delish! And i love Becca's (sister-in-law) little baby bump! (we're so excited for our kiddos to be close cousins! just a couple weeks apart!) *

* Here's the group!! (minus Ben & LaCol, they came a little later) *

* Luke Skywalker (Luke) and Princess Laya (Becca) *
* us! *

* Frankenstein (Jeremy) and his wifey (Camary) *

* The Mad Hatter (LaCol) and the Scarecrow (Ben) *

* The Incredibles!! (Alla & Eli...and little Avin dressed up as Jack-Jack! haha! can you see his orange hair? ;) *

We played Spooky Pictionary and had a blast!!! Girls vs. Guys :)

* Camary depicting a very creepy voodoo doll *

* Adam workin' it! I love how the guys have to crowd around him...they're intense! *

* Becca is up to bat!!...and the girls followed the boys' suit by getting up-close ;) *

* One of my favorites...i love Eli's laugh/smile!! And it's because no one could get what he was drawing...(look below) *
* "TREE!" "BIRD!" "CAT IN TREE!" "BAT!" ....oh no...that's an owl. haHA! *

After the riotous game of pictionary, we watched a scary movie...I haven't watched a scary movie since high school, and I do not think I will watch another any time soon. [I'm turning into my mom ;) they just give me not-so-good feelings! haha]

* This was a "Thank you!" kiss to my lover for being so sweet and patient to dress up and put on sticky face paint :) i love him *

Halloween was great! And I'm such a nerd, but I'm already thinking of costumes for me, Adam, and our little one next year ;)

PS - i loved my fro...a little too much probably :)


Laura Essig said...

how fun!!! We are going to grandma smoots for thankgiving... will you be there???I really want to see the "bump" well that it is if you have one.... how far long are you anyway... I am seriously soo excited for you guys. tell me as soon as you find out what you are having... I'll make you something cute.
I am so glad you liked the crafts... there fun...and the video is hilarious I know.. she is crazy.. sometimes i'll just watch her for hours and laugh... she has so much personality. I'm excited for you to see her.

Lena said...

What a fun party!!! And what baby bumps? The two of you put together are still half the size of my big ol' belly and I am a couple months behind you! : )

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