Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BE GRATEFUL...good advice :)

Adam and I are in love with this "Mormon Messages" video :)

We'd have to agree with many of those great people on the streets of NYC...we are grateful for:
our cars
our home
breakfast, lunch, and dinner :)
good weather
Adam's job
our Savior
our parents

Some other things we're grateful for are:
Temples...our forever marriage
the Scriptures
good friends
college memories
airplanes and cell phones
our baby!
spontaneous date nights :)
freedom in our country
...the list could be much longer, but I need to go pack...we're heading to Spokane in just a few hours!!! Last year we had an absolutely dreamy Thanksgiving with Adam's family, and this year it's with the Stum's! Natalie and Duane (sister & brother-in-law) are so great to have my parents and sisters and Adam and I over for the holiday :) We can't wait to be with them! Their kids are positively adorable :) and we'll be meeting their newest addition, our little niece Amber!

Can't wait to post pictures from the trip and add more to our thankful-list :)



Jennifer Kartchner said...

I love being greatful! and I am especially greatful to have you guys as friends! Its so nice to count your many blessings and give thanks!! I hope you two have an amazing Thanksgiving in Spokane!! and enjoy your time with your family!

Laura Essig said...

aww... it's so refreshing to remember all your blessings...puts things in perspective.
I know you don't quite have a baby yet.. but I am have free holiday giveaways on my other blog... who knows what you could get???

or just click the E on the left hand corner of my blog!

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