Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turkey-Day Adventures

I guess the title of this post should be Turkey-Weekend Adventures ;)
We had a great Thanksgiving holiday with some of my family in parents and sister Celeste drove up from Vancouver, WA, my sister Corrie came from BYU-I, and we all stayed with my awesome sister Natalie and her sweet family.

* While we're smiling and sharing kisses in these pictures, we weren't all chipper the whole time...we left Salt Lake @ 9:30pm on a flight that should have taken less than 2 hours to get to Spokane, but ended up traveling for more than 9 hours...we were delayed because of technical difficulties on the plane, we couldn't land in Spokane due to fog, landed in an airport 100 miles away from Spokane, got a car ride with some very nice strangers, then had car trouble, but thankfully Heavenly Father was watching over us and we arrived safely at 6:30am (7:30 our time)...whew! *

* Notice what's in Adam's (redshirt) nose...yes, that would be candy corn, haha! *

...played and sung by the beautiful Miss Amanda

* we're kind of intense *
* Man down!! Corrie was a good fighter...'til Ryan got her ;) *
* Oh little Jason...those are some big guns! HA! *

* too cute for words *
* I got to change her just before we started the big feast! *

* me & Celeste *
* Amanda and Corrie *
* Mom and Dad *
* Aaron, Ryan, and Adam...CHEERS! *
* Duane and Natalie *
* Adam and I *

Oh, I forgot to mention that we had a vegetarian Thanksgiving ;)
at least for the 1st course...heehee
The oven was turned off by accident while the turkey was our schedule was thrown off a little bit...but it didn't phase us! We had our 1st course...then had 2nd's of everything WITH turkey! =)
* the bird *
* silly boys...nothing like good ol' drumsticks *
* mmmmm...PIES!!! My favorite is pictured above...homemade pumpkin cheesecake :) *

* the classic signs of a turkey-coma *

Junior Pictionary...
* the word was "Blizzard"...Adam drew a DQ icecream treat and Amanda drew a snow storm...haha!! *
Puzzles...lots of puzzles ;)
* Jason and Grandma having fun!*


* Amanda and I had fun beading jewelry *
* Dad (Grandpa) brought my grandpa's old leather working tools...*


* Uncle Adam with lucky Jason going for a fun shoulder ride *
* Bumper Cars! *
* one of my favorite chuck-E-cheese games from when i was youner...haha *
* Ry with Grandpa...3, 2, 1 race! *
* My mom got intense! She was addicted and played that car game about 5 times in a row. love it! *
* Ski-ball! *
* Adam's little addiction...but he came out on top!! *
* Do you remember going to chuck-E- cheese and other arcades and walking out with little trinkets and penny candy??...oh memories :) *
* Corrie, Daddy-o, and I *
* While the kids played with their loot from the game-tickets, we played some fun mini-golf! *

* We watched UP while we were there (goodness we love that movie)...part of Ice Age 3...and we went to see Blindside (which was fabulous!) *



I'm so grateful Adam gets along so well with my family...they absolutely love him :)
and really, it's not my family, it's our family!
The weekend went by too quickly...yet it was SO good to be home...just the two of us :)


Jennifer Kartchner said...

I love all of the pictures! it looks like you had a great Thanksgiving with your family! and WOW! Nine hours to get from Utah to spokane! thats crazy! im glad you made it there safetly! I hope the rest of your holiday season is just as nice!

Stephanie Salmon said...

SO good to see pictures of everyone, since I KNOW all of these people. Natalie's kids totally look like her and are so adorable. I think I missed seeing you today at Aspen Ridge by about 15 minutes or so. :( Hopefully we'll see each other soon.

Shay said...

Haley! You have a little baby bump, I LOVE IT! So jealous! I mean, I have a baby bump...but no baby in there! haha Happy holidays!:-)

Adam and Jamie said...

You guys packed a whole lot into one weekend! Sounds like quite the ordeal getting there though. Glad you made it ok! You are looking adorable with your baby tummy :)

Alyse said...

Yay I found your blog!! Consider yourself blog stalked! HA :) Anyway, sounds like you guys had lots of fun! Can't wait to see you next!

Laura Essig said...

that seriously looks liek the funnest vacation!!! I envy you!!! Can i just tell you that you look great!!! I never looked that good pregant.... actually I never looked that good before I was pregnant! hahaha

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