Tuesday, May 18, 2010


One of the many skills I've learned
(and am still working on)
now that I'm a mom is being able to do things one-handed.

So far, I have:

swept the floor
(harder than it seems people)
made scrambled eggs
touched-up my makeup
cleaned the kitchen
made my bed
(whether it's a paper for school or writing on this little blog)
squeezed my husband's tooshy
(sometimes I like to use both hands;)
pushed laundry through
(still working on the folding part)
put away groceries
made & eaten my breakfast, lunch, and dinner

...all w/ just one hand, because I get to hold this little guy in the other.

Some may call it spoiling...but I call it loving your baby, and soaking up the time you have with him/her, especially while there's just one to look after ;)

Cheers to multi-tasking!
(and technically getting an arm work-out while snuggling)


Jennifer Kartchner said...

Your little guy is sooo cute!! Good job on getting all those things down one handed! The fun things you learn when you get to be a mom!! No wonder mothers are amazing at everything!!

Rach said...

he seriously is so yummy.

isnt it just amazing how much you can get done with one hand?! baffling really. you really must be a mom.

Shay said...

ADORABLE! I hope someday I can attain the mommy skills you have;-)

Unknown said...

aww I love that little smile.. just wait till he's 20 lbs... you won't want to hold him. hahaha... but if you did, you'd be pretty buff!!!

Bri!!! said...

Something I would HIGHLY recommend it the moby wrap. It is so so snuggly, babies love it (it's like being in the womb again), and you are hands free. I still put my almost 2 year old in it once in a while when he needs some loves and I need to vacuum/clean/mop, etc. He really is a doll. Motherhood is simply amazing.

Lena said...

He is so UNDENIABLY, UNBELIEVABLY CUTE!!! Oh my golly wholly--I am dying to get my hands on him! (and, my grandma--who had eleven kids who survived to adulthood claimed that it was impossible to spoil a little baby. You cannot love a little baby too much!)

Anthony and Jessica said...

I love you blog! Little B is the cutest ever! After Liam of course;)

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