Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

During one of the first times I was changing Brooks' diaper at home, I caught myself trying to soothe his little cries with some words of comfort:
"Oh sweetheart, you're okay...I'm just so glad your body's working...Mommy loves you! Your body's working, yeah Brooks!" My Mom and I (she was staying with us for the week) looked at each other and laughed (we did lot of that while she was here)! We talked about how she would say that same thing to me and my younger sisters when we were just babes...and how, when I was young, I thought it was pretty weird. I mean, poop wasn't a thing to celebrate, c'mon now ;) But let me tell you, just about every time I change a dirty diaper, or feel a little rumble down under, I can't help but say, "Yea buddy! Your body's working! Feel better now sweet boy?"

Goodness, I am my mother :)

And while many people may rue the day they realize they have become their parents, I actually love it when I have those moments, most of the time ;) My mom is an amazing example to me...I'm trying my best to follow in her footsteps. So far, I've gotten her love for music, her taste for hardy salads, her smile, her desire to start a movie at any hour of the night, her weak tear ducts, and wanting to capture every sweet moment in life on film.

But I'm really working toward having her heart's capacity to love people that really have no one, her willingness to serve the Lord and His children, her ability to be positive about everything (and I mean everything...), her determination and dedication to serving in the temple, her piano and organ skills, her zest for life & the way she seizes every moment, her fine-tuned sense of feeling the Spirit, her drive to be a member missionary, her passion for reading, and her genuine, selfless love for her family (immediate and distant alike).

I love my Mom...and now, being a mom to my sweet Brooks, I only love and appreciate her more. She deserved the best this Mother's Day!!! (and i know she got it...my Dad & sisters made [and cleaned up] a delicious salmon & asparagus dinner for her, while she went out to take sweets and flowers to a few ladies in the ward...she's an angel). Wish I could have been with her...but we were together in spirit. I love you Mom. Can't wait to see you in June!
* Brooks loving his time in Grandma's arms *

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Shay said...

Aww, tell your momma I love and miss her- you are right, she definitely does have a zest for life, I love her! Such a terrific example!

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