Thursday, May 6, 2010


While the title of this post may have made you think we had pictures of a trip to Hawaii to show ya...that is going to be in the future (the far future. yep:)

For now, we have a video of our little guy doin' the Hula with his Daddy-o after coming from from the gym!! It takes a minute for him to get going...but then he sways those little hips like he were a native ;)

And this video is of a chit-chat we had this morning...goodness I love him!


Adam and Jamie said...

so ADORABLE!! What a cute little video of him 'talking!' Sounds like he's the best baby! Fun to see you guys as parents

Jenni M. said...

Oh my goodness! I need to meet this little guy! He is SO precious!

Spencer Lindquist said...

Haley! Your little guy is so cute!!!... I LOVE all your posts and am so glad that you and your little family are all doing so well. Next time you come to Vancouver/Portland we NEED to get togehter!
Loves, SL

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