Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We love Brooks...

and here's why...

Daddy's list:
1. He is MY little boy!
2. He is half of my better half, Haley, and half me!
3. Without saying a word, he has taught so much of how much my parents love me and more importantly how much our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me!
4. Just by safely arriving in this life, he has been the catalyst for my love to know new bounds and depths that enable me to love others more.
5. He is a perfect example of being perfectly content with the necessities in life (LOVE, loving parents, diaper, warm house, onesies, milk, and plenty of nap times), and anything else we are blessed with is icing on the cake.
6. He SMELLS so heavenly! They need to make a candle called 'Infant Innocence'.
7. He never tells me to go away or that he doesn't want to be with me.
8. He loves me for who I am and is patient with me while I am trying to learn how to be a dad.
9. His perfect little body (ie...his mini finger and toe nails) testify to me more and more each day the existence and reality of our Father in Heaven who created all of this with his Son.
10. He made it (the pregnancy and birth) easy enough on Haley that we are excited to have many more kids!

Mommy's list:
- What a sweet boy you are...in every sense of the word
- The way you look up at me when you're nursing
- How you arch your back & squinch your face when you stretch
- How the # of diapers you go through in a day has gone down...woohoo!
- Your sounds & faces you make while dreaming
- You're good w/ nursing, the binkie, & the bottle...thanks for being so flexible ;)
- How your smile makes me melt
- You like when i sing to you...which is so off-key, i apologize :)
- The way you "talk" to & smile at your daddy
- How you can stand strong, while holding our hands
- Your pouty lips when you start to cry...which isn't very often
- How you've strengthened the knowledge of the love of God for His children
and those are just a few...


Shay said...

Favorite post EVER! That collage is to die for, esp. the middle picture and the one where your pinching his cheeks! HAHA LOVE YOU, cant wait to see you all!

Alyse said...

Aw! This is really sweet! Hey are you guys going to be around tomorrow? Land and I want to come visit before we leave the country!! Let us know!

Dearinger Family said...

Oh I love you guys! Brooks is so darling!!! I'm so gald I found your blog so we can see him grow over the summer while we're in Africa!

Rach said...

Hey guys! I found you randomly via blog stalking!!!! Didnt even know you had a baby, he is so beautiful (in a manly way of course:) ) so happy for you guys, isnt being a parent the best?

so glad i found you!

-rach, chad, lily and eden

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