Monday, June 7, 2010

Anniversary, weddings, & a little laundry :)

Our 2-year anniversary was last month...
i loooooove anniversaries!
It was so sweet to talk about what we've been through and enjoyed together over our past two years of marriage...and what we're excited for in the looks good :)

On the actual day (May 24th) I surprised Adam at work with a candle lit left-over lunch in his break room. I know, how romantic ;)
That night we went to a family dinner at Mama and Papa Kjar's house for the May birthdays :) So we celebrated just us (w/ our little Brooks of course) by going out on Friday night...
Adam surprised me with where we went to dinner and took me to this Vietnamese restaurant he's told me all about before...and it was all that I expected and more! Cafe Trang had a funky, oriental feel that I really liked, the food was delish, and the check was easy on the wallet. Doesn't get much better than that :)
While we waited for our food...
...we have too much fun together...

Our delectable dishes:
And afterward, we got dessert at one of our favorites: Starbucks :) Their heavenly cream-based frapps & some tasty pastries hit the spot.

Love was most definitely in the air in May...
Two of Adam's closest friends got hitched!!
And can I just tell you that weddings make me absolutely giddy :) Just thinking about two people that have grown in love, and are giving each other their hearts, promising to stick by each other through it all...puts a HUGE smile on my face!
And if it was my choice, I'd marry my sweet Adam over and over and over again...
I love love.

Wedding #1: Quin and Dani Monson!!
They are absolutely adorable together :)
We're SOOOOOOOOO happy for them!

* Adam and the buds since they were wee little schoolers. (even though I don't know if Quin was ever really little. haha) *

Wedding #2: John & Christy Pearson!!
We love John like a brother! Christy is a lucky lady :) We're excited to get to know her better! But from what we do know, she's perfect for it.

They had these fantastic bubble-gun-do-hickies to use as they left the reception on their way to the honeymoon :) brilliant.
And at the reception, which was at John's gorgeous home in the country, they had the most fabulous cupcakes for the refreshments...all homemade. Yowza.
And let me tell you, they were SOOOOOOOOOOO good!
And the best part, they made them regular size AND i was able to try one of each! (okay, 2 of some and 3 and caught me).
Here are all the flavors they had:
- Chocolate cake w/ mint chocolate icing
- Lime coconut cake w/ white chocolate frosting
- Caramel cake w/ salted caramel frosting
- Red velvet cake w/ cream cheese frosting
- German chocolate cake w/ coconut pecan frosting
- Chocolate cake w/ peanut butter frosting
- Spice cake w/ cream cheese frosting
- Strawberry cake w/ french vanilla frosting
And I talked to one of the sisters and she gave me the recipes...ALL of them! Score! (I'd love to email them to anyone who's interested:)
Can't wait to start bakin'...

But you know what I think is even sweeter than all of those scrumptious cupcakes???

My little B helping me with the laundry earlier today.
* don't worry, that's clean laundry ;) *

And this is just an assumption...but I think he's smiling EXTRA big because he had lots of sweet dreams last night...during his almost TEN HOURS of SLEEP!!! Woot woot! Of course, Adam and I didn't know he was going to sleep through the night, and we stayed up late watching So You Think You Can Dance online...oy. But hey, I say sleep is overrated! Who's with me??!!
So proud of our good little sleeper!


Unknown said...

Ok, lots of comments for this one! 1. You are such a cute wife to take lunch to him. Love it. 2. Straw you. The second one makes me laugh and miss that goofy face :) 3. Yay for frapps! and 4. Brooks is an angel and those smiles are so sweet. I can't believe how fast he's growing up. It's fun to see his personality come out.

Sunshine Promises said...

Okay, NOW I know what we're going to have at our tea party! YUM-O! Let's just wait til I'm off HCG (mid-July) so I can have some of these yummies. We should set a date though - maybe mom's birthday - so that the ladies are available. Great idea! Let's do it!

Shay said...

First of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I am in love with love as well- marriage is the best! Its sad some others dont feel that way...And I love that you like SYTYCD- ITS MY FAVE!

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