Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cowboy Up!

We were lucky enough to go to the Ogden Rodeo two weekends ago with the Kjars. We had a great time!! If you live near (or far from) Ogden, you've got to go next year!
We highly recommend it :)

Some of my favorite things were:
- The smell of Kettle Corn,
- Sharing a tasty lamb Gyro w/ Adam
- Cold, bottomless strawberry lemonade
- The witty rodeo clown
- The courageous (yet slightly crazy) bull riders
- The stunning stadium's backdrop = the Wasatch Front mountains
- Enjoying it all with family

* I had fun making Brooks' onesie..."Cowboy up!" *
The picture above shows just how much Brooks enjoyed the National Anthem...haha ;) it was a great rendition, he just wasn't quite ready for the loud-factor. But surprisingly he was great the rest of time, even with all the noise. Our little guy is growing up!

The gang: us, Mom & Dad Kjar, Mandy & Dave (w/ Emma, Gracie, Ashton, & Bennett), Katie (w/ Kalia & pup Milo), Ben & LaCol

* Brooks w/ his gorgeous Aunt Katie *

* While Brooks was being passed around by G-ma & G-pa & his cousins, I had this little guy on my lap :) Milo = sweetest dog out there *

* See what I mean about the mountain backdrop! *

* Adam sporting little Ashton's baseball cap...lookin' good babe! *

* Kalia & Gracie, sweet cousins! *

* Love this pic! Me & my little cowboy! *

* Look close...8-SECOND RIDE!!! There were a few who went the full 8 seconds, but this bull rider happens to be the #1 in the world. *

* As we left we saw the Rodeo Queen!! Such a sweet girl! :) *

Next time we'll all be wearing cowboy hats! (maybe even cowboy boots...I'll be on the lookout at the D.I.!)
Imagine, our little B walking around in little cowboy boots next year :)

And it gets me excited for fair time this fall!


Lauren Byers said...

looks like fun! i love your braids! and Brooks is so smiley :) very cute :)

Courtney Bready said...

Haley you guys are so cute! Eric LOVES rodeos! We would love to go with you guys next year!!

Adam and Jamie said...

Wish I knew about this sooner! Layton is super close to Ogden, would have been perfect! Looks like a great time with the Kjar fam!

Hailey Smoot Kandell said...

I love Brookes shirt and cute smailes!

Melissa said...

I can't believe you made that onesie - so stinkin cute! You are amazing! :)

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