Monday, July 26, 2010


We had suuuuccchh a great time at the Lambert/Anderson Reunion (my Mom's mom's side:) I canNOT wait to post the photos and fun stories of the weekend :)

But, 1st i need to mow the lawn (i love mowing the lawn, who's w/ me??), 2nd go shopping with the parentals for reunion number-two this weekend, and 3rd cook about a million pounds of ground beef (that i will not be partaking of) for a taco salad dinner at the reunion.

For now, enjoy this awesome video of Brooks' newest trick!! My cousin Shaun taught him...Brooks LOVES his "uncle" Shaun :)
I'm not sure what you call that irresistible lip-spitty-thingy...but let's call them zurbers, shall we?


Kati Howard said...

That's funny that you're dubbing them "Zurburrs". My dad always gave us slobbery/ raspberry "kisses" and called them Zerberts. :)

I suppose we have several made up words in my family like that. Since you're starting your own little family... make up tons of fun words.

Brooks is pretty darn cute!

Laura Essig said...

hahaha, logan and I were just looking at your blog, and both of us were ooing and awing and ellie came up and said, "awwww baby." and started making kissing sounds!
he is darling!!! seriously his smiles make me melt.
oh we probably won't be at the reunion...

Fannadix said...

haha. that word is totally from the cosby show.

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