Monday, November 22, 2010

2010 Kjar Sisters Retreat

Making memories with beautiful women...
inside and out.
That's what I did this weekend.
This was the 3rd Annual Kjar Sisters Retreat and it was one that'll go down in history! ;) Becca (married into the Kjar fam, like me) planned it all...and she did a phenomenal job! She got all the bases covered to say the's what I mean:

We started off by going to the Sweet Tooth Fairy...which I've been wanting to go to since this inspiring woman mentioned it on her blog.
[top row: me & Brooks, Becca & Samson, Mom, Mandy, Sharla.
bottom row: LaCol Katie]

The shop was DARLING and the cupcakes were DELISH!
[I got toasted coconut, red velvet, & german chocolate]
Next, we were headed to a SPA! A must for any womens' retreat.
[the Kjar ladies waiting in the relaxation room...Brooks wasn't AS relaxed...he was LOVING time with Grandma! haha]
They even brought us herbal tea while we were waiting...what a treat :)
Brooks sat on my lap while I enjoyed a was heaven to say the least.
Then Becc really surprised us with plans to go indoor skydiving at iFly in Ogden!!! LaCol (sis-in-law) has actually been skydiving, but otherwise we were all 1st timers...and we were ready to have a blast!

[LaCol flying high!]

What a RUSH!! I can't wait to take Adam there :)

[Katie with a big grin...I was smiling and trying not to laugh the whole time too! So much fun]

Next stop, dinner:
A Vietnamese restaurant with a unique & beautiful atmosphere...and the food hit the spot!

[I love bento boxes :]
[Doesn't Brooks look like a wizard with that wand?? er chopstick. ;) Sorry, I've got Harry Potter on the brain]

After a full day of fun & relaxation we ended up at the lovely Armstrong Mansion in Salt Lake.
We shared our favorite things:
General Conference on CD, a necklace, & a hand-written letter to each of us
Trader Joe's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
[a new addiction of mine]
"Mercy River" CD & game handbook
Gift certificate to Sweet Tooth Fairy
Warm rice bag w/ adorable fabric
Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub
Homemade Arabic pants...she wore them in Argentina :)

Then we swapped recipes:
Which included Mom's homemade pumpkin pie (from a pumpkin!), Mandy's brie en croute, Katie's caramel corn, Becca's mushroom turn-overs, LaCol's creamy white chili, & my mozarella/pesto stuffed tomatoes.

THe night was still young...okay, okay it was 1am...but that didn't stop us from enjoying some HILARIOUS Minute To Win It games!!! Becca did an awesome job at getting them all together :) They made for some good laughs for sure! I may have peed my pants a little. bahaha!

[Mom & LaCol trying to get the gum ball to a specific square on the tennis racquet...wiggle them hips!]

[Becca & Katie with "chopsticks" in their mouths trying to hook keys with the paper clips at the end of their string]

[Shar & me bounced pingpong balls onto peanut buttered bread...stick 'em!]

[My person favorite...LaCol & Sharla head banging with a pedometer trying to get the most movements. Rock on!]

[Mom & Kates sucking up M&Ms and placing them on standing-up straws]

[LaCol and me "fishing" for preztels with our sticky gummi worms...and eating them!]

We didn't get much sleep but it was WORTH IT.
And we got to sit down to a beautiful breakfast. Peach cobbler & cieche in the morning, yes. please.

Then, maybe my favorite activity of the weekend:
I've been going to yoga classes every now & then for almost 2 years now, and I love it! So i was THRILLED when I found out we'd be going to a Bikram Yoga class. I knew it would be a heated session, but little did I know it'd be 108 degrees. I loved it none the less! Lots of new poses, and I'm so sore today, but I want to go back soon!

After a yummy Jamba smoothie to rehydrate ourselves after sweating our guts out at yoga we got our creative juices flowing at Color Me Mine. It's one of those places you paint your own pottery! They had a great selection of neat pieces, we picked one & painted our little hearts out..can't wait to see how mine turned out after it gets fired :)

[Mama Kjar with her 2 sweet grandsons...Samson & Brooks looks like brothers don't they?]

And the grand finale:
Adam and I have enjoyed a class with this awesome chef [for Adam's 23rd bday]...sushi is one of our FAVORITE foods...but there's something extra special about making it yourself. Jonas [sushi chef] came to Becca's house and we enjoyed learning how to make some gorgeous and delicious rolls. Konichiwa!

We used FRESH salmon, tuna, eel, shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, green onion, lemon, and some tasty sauces...and of course rice & seaweed. Great, now I'm hungry ;)

We had a great weekend together...
I love you ladies!
Can't wait 'til next year :)


Alyse said...

That sounds like such a blast! You ladies are all so fabulous and it sounds like you really know how to party!! :)

kylie said...

wow. WOW. seriously?! WAY too much fun! you deserve it, girlfriend! SO FUN!

The Kimballs said...

I just love you Kjar gals soo much!! What a blast!! You guys sure deserve it and I'm so jealous that Shar was there too! Love her tons! PS Brooks is seriously soooo stinkin darling! I can't handle it!

Sunshine Promises said...

LOVE your post, Hay. Your pictures are so fabulous! Do you mind if I steal some for my blog?

Love you, sis. And SO GLAD I was able to introduce you to your new addiction. I wasn't kidding when I said that Trader Joes not being in Utah just might be the salvation of my thighs ;0)

Sunshine Promises said...

LOVE your post, Hay. Your pictures are so fabulous! Do you mind if I steal some for my blog?

Love you, sis. And SO GLAD I was able to introduce you to your new addiction. I wasn't kidding when I said that Trader Joes not being in Utah just might be the salvation of my thighs ;0)

Sunshine Promises said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
quin & dani said...

Haley oh my heck! This sounds like so much fun!! What an awesome idea to get together with everyone and do so many fun things. It sounds like you had a blast!

Shay said...

Love love love!!! Especially the Bikram yoga- heated yoga rocks my socks! I am addicted and the indoor sky diving- LUCKY! Ps. will you plz press follow on my blog? I know you already do but you dont show up as an actual follower and I need to WIN my bet;-) Thanks love!

Larsen Family said...

Wow it looks like you guys had so munch fun! isnt haning out with family so much fun. Love you

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