Friday, November 19, 2010

Bye bye boys!

expect Brooks, he's joinging me :)

I'm about to leave for the 3rd Annual
Kjar Sisters' Retreat
And I am SOOOOO ready!
It'll be an over-nighter full of all sort of girly surprises :)
The past couple years have been filled with pedicures, facials, shopping, fabulous restaurants, recipe swaps and "favorite things," beautiful hikes, staying up late and reaching the point where everything is hilarious, bed and breakfasts, and much needed time to visit with awesome sisters. Who knows exactly what this year will hold =)

For the recipe swap we bring something we've prepared and a copy of the recipe for everyone.
I'm bringing these scrumptious, and as easy as they come, mozzarella & pesto stuffed tomatoes. I found it on the food section of one of my new favorite blogs, WhipperBerry.
{get the recipe here}
I made it last night...Adam and I looooooovveed it! I'm bringing the ingredients and making these babies fresh tonight. I think they'll be a hit :)

And for the "favorite thing"...everyone brings one of their new favorite finds from the past year (enough for each person). This year I made some lemon sugar hand scrub...I found the [again, easy] "recipe" over at Under The Table and Dreaming.
{find recipe here}
I added my own touches to the presentation, and I liked how it turned out :) That stuff does wonders for my hands...especially during the cold, DRY winter here in Utah. You want soft, sweet, supple hands? Make this stuff.

Well, I'm off!!
Bye bye boys! See you Saturday :)


Shay said...

I LOVE reading about what you girls do every year- blog soon!:-)

Jenni M. said...

I love hearing about it too......How do I become an honorary sister for a year? ;)

Laura Essig said...

yum.. that looks so good..

Emily Carter said...

Thanks for sharing my stuffed tomatoes! I know, aren't they fun? I read about your sisters retreat, and I'm about as jealous as can be. I have only one sister and seven brothers! Yes, seven. So you can imagine how family get-togethers (Thanksgiving being so recently engraved on my brain) are. But Maybe in a few years we might have enough sisters-in-law to be able to pull something like this off. Thanks for sharing!


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