Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome Home Sharla!

Yesterday was full of hugs, kisses, happy tears, lots of "I love you"s and "Welcome home!"s.
Sharla is back from her mission.
She served the people of Bahia Blanca, Argentina...and has become quite the woman in the process. She's always had a huge heart and been the type that manages to put a smile on every person's face she comes in contact with. The Argentine people were lucky to have her...but we're so glad she's back home!

{brothers and sisters excited to see Shar!}

{A few of the nieces & nephews ready with their signs}

Here she comes!!!

{Big hug for Mama Kjar after 18 sweet}

{Mom and Dad Kjar with their Sharla again!}

{Shar's first time meeting Brooks and Samson}

It was so good to hear her talk about her experiences on the mission. The classic, crazy dog stories. Funny food stories. Her different companions...some sweet, some sour ;) Learning the language. (i LOVE Argentine spanish) Touching stories of realizing how blessed she is to live in the USA. Some of the best stories of bringing the gospel to those searching and ready.
And we know there are more she still has to share...we can't wait to hear them :)

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