Sunday, November 7, 2010

beautiful creations...

{2-sided bookmarks I made for my girls...wonderful, inspiring words on both sides...leaves from my front yard...both stuck on with the mod podge I got yesterday}

Today I gave a lesson in Young Womens.
The lesson emphasized that all of God's creations are meant for our benefit...everything has it's unique purpose, but they all have one thing in common:
They were created to bring joy to His children.

Another point of the lesson:
We, as His daughters, play a special part in the act of creation...God has given us the opportunity to partner with Him in creating bodies for his children's spirits.
Such an awe-inspiring thought.
It is still surreal to think about my little Brooks growing inside me...I miss it a lot sometimes. There's nothing in the world like your little one grow and move inside you.
And then we, as parents, get to create a home that has the Spirit. I want to create experiences for Brooks and my other future children that will help them feel the love of their Savior.

I want to teach them, by example, to appreciate and truly enjoy all that God has created for them. The lesson mentioned Helen Keller and how she was blind and deaf, yet she still found joy in nature through touch.
It then asked, if we only had 3 more days to see with our eyes, what would you want to see?
I'd want to see my husband and son & memorize their faces, sunrises & sunsets, a temple, colorful fall leaves, fancy prepared food, mountains, a rainbow, birds outside my house, beautiful architecture, words in good books, a bubble bath, people dancing, people laughing, little animal families, Christmas much beauty to take in.

So let me ask you, if you had just 3 more days to see with your eyes...what would you absolutely have to see?

PS - This beautiful talk by a leader of my church has a great section about it, you'll feel inspired :)

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