Saturday, November 6, 2010

A stroll to get some Mod Podge

[i love fall leaves on the sidewalk]
Brooks joined me for a walk to get some Mod Podge.
[I need it for the bookmarks I'm making for my Young Women's lesson tomorrow]
Our wonderful neighborhood Smith's just happens to be about 3 blocks away.
All-too convenient some times...
I thoroughly enjoy taking B to the store with me. People ooh and ah over his cuteness. I return the compliments with, "He gets it from his Daddy." And I love it when it takes him a second to smile at a stranger, cause when he finally does they then get the biggest grin themselves =) hope it makes their day! I think he, along with every other smiley baby, make the world a better place.
[i adore their bagged I picked me some granny smiths]

But this little guy got tuckered out just before we left...
What a trooper.
Sweet dreams babe.


kylie said...

seriously the cutest post i've ever seen. you are a GORGEOUS mother and he is an ADORABLE baby. i agree, smiling babies do make the world a better place.

Shay said...

Oh mylanta, that picture of baby B looking at you is PRECIOUS!

Unknown said...

Such a perfect fall day. And that hat is absolutely to die for. You two are the cutest little pair. And seeing him smile would always make my day :)

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