Friday, November 12, 2010

friday favorites

from the week...
-- these two handsomes in the pic above (ALWAYS at the top of my list)
-- using DealsToMeals to save me some mulah on my grocery shopping trip today
-- getting Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheets to make these
-- song-swapping (texting my sister and my old college roomie/best friend and sharing new songs we found)
-- getting inspired to own a little, plastic camera (ie. diana, holga) to get fun photos like these (for now, my hipstamatic app will have to hold me over)
-- putting a mirror on the head rest of the seat where Brooks' carseat I can see his adorable face while i drive
-- YW in Excellence on proud of my girls
-- looking for the positive in the hubs buying a[nother] ginormous George Foreman grill...the muffin tin attachment will be pretty fun though
-- getting asked by my doctor yesterday, "Is that a hickey on your neck?" "Uh...." ;)
-- singing Christmas songs to Brooks in the car...hey christmas really is right around the corner!
-- Brooks snuggling up on my shoulder (he doesn't do that very often)
-- dipping gingerbread graham crackers in milk while I write this :)


kylie said...

i love you guys

Shay said...

I LOVE how often you have been updating- makes me happy!

Rach said...

yay for updates!

you definitely have a cute little dude.

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