Wednesday, November 10, 2010

T is for Tooth...and Treadmills

Latest news on our little B-meister...
yea, he's pretty proud :)


I went to the gym today.
And after dropping Brooks off in the supervised kids' play area, i really started missing my little workout buddy...
{little B right around 2 months}

I don't do much weightlifting, but after a class, or some running on the treadmill or elliptical I do abs and stretches on these mats by the weights.
{B at about 5 1/2 months}

I loved seeing this chubby, smiley face every time I'd come up from a sit-up.
Now he doesn't like to be confined to his carseat...he likes to play and move and build those muscles!
Just like mommy.
(i really don't have muscles, but we can pretend)

1 comment:

Shauna Amondson said...

Aw what a good work out buddy :) Can't believe he's old enough to have teeth! And go in the day care. Where has the time gone...

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