Sunday, November 14, 2010


Brooks is two-thirds of a year, today.

This little man is 8 months old...
Where did the time go??

oh yes, it went into warm bubble baths, lots of bottles, sweet snuggles, a few crocodile tears hear & there, eskimo kisses, pictures galore, diapers coming out of our ears, giggles that'll make your heart melt, "da-da"s, numberless outfit changes, adorable shoes, too many tickle-fests to count, and lots of firsts.

We fall in love with this boy more and more every day.
Here's a look back at our little B :)

{Sunday, March 14th @ 9:19pm
weight: 7 lbs 10 oz
height: 21 in}

{weight: 12.72 lbs
length: 23.75 in}

{weight: 15.5 lbs
length: 26.25 in}

{weight: 18.45 lbs
length: 27.0 in}

Happy 8-month birthday son!
Love you forever.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Brooks!! In love with this post Hales. The collages are perfect...can't believe he's so big already! He is absolutely the cutest thing ever.

Marsha said...

Oh what a treasure this little retrospective is. It's so hard for us to be so far away during these fun days, but you make the distance bearable with posts like these! Thanks darling girl! Love forever, your momma!

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