Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Brooks,

Hi sweet boy. I call you that a lot, don't I? (I apologize ahead of time if I embarrass you from calling you that when you're older) You're going to sleep right now, well at least you're supposed to be. Dad is "rocking you to sleep" in your bedroom, but I am hearing lots of laughter from you two ;) And I love it.

Dad loves you so, so much Brooks. And I know you love him too...every night when he gets home from work you get SO happy...sometimes it seems like you get so excited your little body doesn't know how to contain itself! You two two favorite boys in the whole world.

Earlier today you were in my backpack (the one that I sat in, on Grandma & Grandpa Stum's back, when I was about your size) while I was doing dishes and prepping for dinner. You were jibber-jabbering away (mostly da-da's) and tickling my neck with you little fingers. But soon, you were fast asleep in dreamland. I headed back to your room and thought I'd be a little tricky: instead of putting you in your crib, I laid you on my chest and sat in the rocker. You're the sweetest little guy I know, but as you've gotten older snuggling like that isn't quite your cup of tea, so I was soaking up every bit of it. You seemed so big in my arms. Your head was on my shoulder. I laid my cheek on your cheek. I felt your soft breath on my neck...and I cried, softly.

I suddenly longed for you to be that tiny newborn again...with your wrinkly thighs and your wobbly head...I wanted to be tickling your tiny feet to wake you up while nursing you (you were quite the sleepyhead:)...oh how I miss nursing you...I wanted to see your arms and legs stretch and flail about while I changed your diaper...I wanted to see the way you stared at bright lights, you were so drawn to them...I wanted to gaze into your beautiful eyes as we'd study each others' faces.

I can't decide if all of that seems like just yesterday, or forever ago. But you know what, sweet boy? I then realized that I have a son who is not a baby, but is a big, strong, growing boy. You're learning so much everyday Brooks, and I love that I get to be a part of your life. You have a laugh that makes me melt...your set of two little pearly whites is the cutest thing I think I've ever can crawl (Daddy and I love that you crawl the fastest when coming to us)...your skin smells like HEAVEN after I bathe and lather you up with love to grab my hands and pull with all your might to stand up smile at everyone around you like it's going out of style...I love that your adorable little bum is're starting to learn "kisses" love playing peek-a-boo.

You're such a light in my life. Thanks for being so good to make me the luckiest mommy out there. I can't wait to see the kind of boy and man you turn out to be. But for now, I'll enjoy holding your little hands to help you tip-toe around the house. I want to soak up this part of your life, because it goes by much, much too fast. I'll love you forever.



Brooke T said...

This has to be the sweetest letter ever written! I almost teared up as I have done that multiple times. Soaking in my daughter snuggling up to me when she barely wants to anymore and remembering how nursing was such a bonding experience! such a great post!

quin & dani said...

Cutest thing i have ever heard! Brooks is such an adorable baby. Hopefully we will get to see you three over christmas break!

Robin Rood said...

Haley, you brought tears to my eyes as I rad this sweet letter. It is exactly the way that I am feeling now and I seem to forget that there are others out there that feel just the same way. This is a fantastic post!

Shay said...

This is so sweet. I need one of these "sweet boys" you so eloquently speak of:-)

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