Saturday, December 4, 2010

Phone pic Purge

My good friend Rachel, over at Playing House, had herself a little "phone picture purge" a few days ago and it was fun see some of her photos :) so I'd thought I'd do the same and share some of mine!

{oh you know, just my little lover boy}
{gorgeous Utah winters...}

Story: I saw this adorable sweater at Kid To Kid (children's thift store) and I fell in love. Problem is, I think it may be a girl's sweater...the scalloped hood should've given it away.
Brooks doesn't seem to happy in a girl's sweater. haha
{those TJ peanut butter cups were my sister-in-law's favorite thing from our Sister's Retreat...THEY ARE TO DIE FORE}

{I didn't realize his Johnny-Jumper was "unlocked", so after I set him in it and ran to grab my phone I come back to see him happily sitting and spinning on his bum;) }

{Adam and his two sisters performed a beautiful Christmas song called "Were You There That Night?" at a lovely dinner at our Bishop's house for a few of the sweet widows in our ward. Adam and Katie sang, and Sharla played the harp. Heavenly music to say the least}

{This little guy can pull himself on the the rails of his crib! he's pretty proud}

{Camary, a friend of ours, had a lovely baby shower today...yay for baby girls! And don't you love the garland of bibs (above) and the tree w/ binkies for ornaments (below)??}

Speaking of trees...we're decorating our tree tomorrow.
Strung popcorn-cranberries and all.


Brooke T said...

such cute pictures!! I remember when my daughter could pull up on her crib, I was like oh nooo gotta lower the crib now! ha

Angela Brian said...

thanks for your super sweet comments on greensubamrine.

i am glad that you enjoy the tutorials!

can i just say tho, your blog is a complete gem!

so cute.

i am 21 weeks pregnant and just can't get over how cute your little guy is!

hope its not stalker-ish, but i am now following :)

kylie said...

love the hot headband sexy lady

Shay said...

Hello love! So glad Angie from the Greensubmarine found you- she is one of my bestfriends from college so yay! I tagged you over at my latest post. Hope you will participate:-)

House of Smiths said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment over at my blog :)

Meaghan said...

Hi, I found your blog randomly and thought I would tell you how cute it is. I also thought it was cool you have a little baby boy born in March of this year. And he is adorable. I also had my first,a boy, March 17th of this year. So yeah I thought that was kinda cool. :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

You have such a lovely lovely family! Your blog is precious! I think I want to share my random phone pics now...thanks for the inspiration! ;)

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