Friday, January 14, 2011

Bon voyage! (real camera photos of our cruise:)

This is the last post of our cruise, promise :) The first post of our tropical getaway was filled with pictures I took with my iphone. And I finally got another cord so I was able to transfer photos from our camera to the computer! woohoo!

The cruise was filled with lounging, laughing, sleeping in, palm trees galor, endless horizons, lots of kisses, SUN, the ocean, delicious Mexican food, sweet little shops, great entertainment, wearing sunglasses everyday, and just soaking up time together!
{i loved the live music on the ship...can't get enough dancing with my love}

{being that it was right before Christmas I had hoped they'd have a Christmas tree on the ship...and they sure did!! this picture shows about 1/3 of it}

{Earl Turner was a FABULOUS singer & comedian!}

1st port: Cabo San Lucas!

{Getting geared up to scuba!}
2nd Port: Mazatlan
Did some fun shopping around the little shops.
Back on the ship they had a Johnny Rockets cafe...gooooooood eatin :)

3rd Port: Puerto Vallarta
Perfect day at the beach with my love!
While is Puerto Vallarta we went out to dinner and ate some of the best Mexican food wither of us have EVER tacos and coconut shrimp. OH MY.
Back on the ship...

{Ronn Lucas was a HILARIOUS ventriloquist!!}
We enjoyed the show and then went to our last formal dinner...
Then we decided that we needed to hit up the arcade...all dressed up, oh yes.
{how do you like Adam's game faces?? haha! We don't mess around when it comes to air hockey}
The next morning we slept in, got ready, and enjoyed a lovely breakfast :)
Adam rocked that wall ;)
Our favorite place for dinner was called "The Sound of Music." Loved it!
Our room keepers made this cute little guy (with Adam's shades) on our last night :) :) :)
While it was hard (a lot harder than we thought) to be away from our sweet Brooks, the time spent just the 2 of us was much needed! And we hope to be able to have a little getaway, even just a weekend stay at a local bed-n-breakfast, every year :)


Mighty Burns said...

ok two things I know for sure 1: you two are adorable!c2: i really want to go on a crusie now :)

Kari said...

you did such a good job documenting your cruise...looks like a lot of fun! I wanna go!!!!

lindsay said...

oh my gosh...look at all these amazing pictures. i wish i was on that cruise right now :) it looks like you guys had so much fun!

neither matthew or i have ever been on a cruise...i think we would really love it ♥

i hope you have a great weekend friend


ps you have a few emails from me!

Eva Marie said...

The longest I've been away from Liv has been a night - I can;t even imagine leaving her for a week.. although I know what you mean on it felt good to reconnect. Liv came on our honeymoon with us - luckily she was an angel haha

Lucky for us Liv's 2 nana's watch her a few times a month so we can have some us time - greatly needed :)

Your pictures look great!

Chelsea said...

We leave my son with my mother in law over night at least once a month. She's got a crib at her house and it's like his second home. the first night we tried to leave him with her, we ended up going and picking him back up around 9 but now, i really appreciate the moments away!

I need a cruise! That looks like SO much fun!
What great photos too! You both are such a cute couple!

Beth said...

wow what a great vacation!! you two are adorable!

Lauren Byers said...

super cute swimsuit! Looks like fun!! Steve and I should go on a cruise sometime!

Shay said...

LOOOOVVVEEE the photos! You have the cutest style!

And I am IN LOVE with your swimsuit- I want one like that because I need a one piece...where did you find that gem? Would you let me know?!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I LOVE these pictures!!! Oh my goodness. Favorites? The 1st one in Cabo, the kiss in Puerto Vallarta, and the arcade night fun. All dressed up and playing air hockey? That's my kind of night. :)

Now I'm craving a romantic getaway!!

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