Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My 23rd + an Angel with a Camera

As I get older and wiser (haha) I realize that birthdays are much less about the PRESENTS and much more about the PRESENCE of those I love who are celebrating with me (be it in person or by phone)! [I've heard a similar quote said about Christmas, but I think it applies here too].
And on my 23rd birthday, I've never felt more grateful to be able to spend my special day with the two men I love awesome husband, best friend, & eternal companion ADAM (he proposed to me on my birthday:) AND my energetic yet tender, ever-smiling, sweet son BROOKS...doesn't get much better than that!
{birthday breakfast with candles and all!! I made about 10 wishes...}

Well, last night (on my birthday EVE) Adam came home with an early bday present for me :) I have this very bad habit of leaving my photos on my computer/CDs & not printing them...but Adam got some of the family photos we had taken this past fall printed!!!!! He bought frames for them and everything!!
Isn't he the sweetest? :)

{They'll be going up on the wall today! yay!}

I want to share some of our family photos with you for a few reasons:
#1 - They remind me of what's most important in family
#2 - I smile from ear-to-ear when I look at them because the boys in them make me the luckiest [birthday] girl in the world
#3 - They were taken by an ANGEL with a camera :)

Heidi Elliott Porter of Monkeyface Photography took these photos...she's a friend of Adam's from high school and so she knows the Kjars...and when she heard of the Wilkinson's tragic loss of their little boy she wrote me this on facebook:

Sending love your way and theirs! I can only imagine! Please let us know if we could help in any way. Even if they just want some pictures of the funeral or some other way I could attempt creativity. So grateful for the gospel!

She's going to give of her AMAZING talent (for free) and capture precious, tender moments at the funeral that the Wilkinsons will hold dear. She is giving them such a gift.
See, I told you she's an angel :)

You can check our Heidi's fabulous photography website here.


b. lee said...

breathtaking photos * happy-happy birthday!!!

Alyse said...

Happy birthday Haley! You're the sweetest and you deserve a wonderful day!

thatjordangirl said...

Happy Birthday! Also, I remember Heidi from high school as well and she does an amazing job with photography. That is such a sweet gift she is giving, she is such a lovely person.

Shay said...

Happy birthday again:-)

Your photos are perfect. And I love that your photographer is willing to take pics at the funeral, what a sweet girl!

Anna said...

happy belated birthday! these pictures are too stinkin' sweet!!!

here's to a great 23rd year ; )


Pia said...

Oh, the pictures are so beautiful!
And happy birthday!! :)

Eva Marie said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Mama :)

Love the gift and the pictures are stunning

Marlene Fredricks said...

Thank you for sharing, and Happy Birthday wishes from me too.

I think your friend's photo offer is so thoughtful. My first experience with funeral pictures was when your sweet mama took pictures at my Papa's graveside. At the time I thought it a little odd, but then I saw the expression on Mamma's face while she was receiving the flag, and it changed my opinion forever. You see, we as her children were standing behind her.

I have since that time, passed on the favor and captured some very sweet images. I would love to see the ones that Heidi takes should they ever be posted.

Renee said...

Oh that's so sweet! Happy Birthday!

Mighty Burns said...

this is so adorable! look at those beautiful big eyes too!! I love that saying!

Eva said...

happy birthda! wow what a cute little guy

Angela Brian said...

your family is gorgeous!


Larsen Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love all of your pictures. They are so cute!! It looks like you had a great b-day. Love ya

kylie said...

you are so beautiful. your hair is amazing. happy 23!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

I'm having a valentine's giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out. xx

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Dear pretty Haley,
I hope that you had the happiest birthday. You are blessed with a beautiful family that obviously loves you to the moon and back. The pictures are gorgeous and make me so happy. And what a sweet gift from you sweet hubby! Sorry I'm late with my birthday wish!

p.s. I've been thinking of the Wilkinsons so much this week. I'm still praying for peace for them during this terrible time. Thank you for sharing the loving words about little Bennett in the last was beautiful and I love that it said "no goodbyes".

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