Tuesday, February 15, 2011

best valentine's yet

Heads up, iphone pics with low lighting = not-so-good quality
(that's what I get for not charging the batteries of either regular camera)

There are 5 sweet reasons why this Valentine's was the best one yet:

Coming to the door last night & finding this on the step...Adam was hiding around the corner :)
(my sweet Dad used to do the same thing for my little sisters & me)

Heart attacking some family friends (the Bradshaws) and Adam's sister's family (the Wilkinsons)...we decided it's a new tradition :) We'll go out for a fancy dinner just the 2 of us the weekend prior to the Lover's holiday, and then do some sweet heart attacks with the kiddos :) So much fun!!

Seeing Brooks love on this huge teddy bear from Grandpa & Grandpa Kjar :)

Homemade chicken artichoke pasta... along with 2 bottles grape Crush (from Adam's party on Saturday), candle light, lots of kisses from my two boys, and pulling the game table in front of the TV to watch Princess Bride (another new family tradition we decided would make Valentine's extra sweet).
{the pasta was SO good...and great for lunch today too :) get recipe HERE}
{you know me and my smooches :) I love the scene at the beginning with Buttercup & Wesley...*sigh* TRUE LOVE}
Satisfying our sweet tooth with strawberries and Better-Than-Sex cake (again, from Adam's birthday...get recipe HERE). I thought it was fun because we made BTS cake on our first Valentine's together 4 years ago :)

I love you eternally Adam.
You're my rock.
And forever just won't be long enough.


thatjordangirl said...

This may be the sweetest thing I've ever heard...

And forever just won't be long enough.

Happy Valentines!

Sophie said...

this is gorgeous! sounds like you had the most amazing valentines day with your boys! x

Mighty Burns said...

oI! Your beautiful, your husbands beautiful, yours son is beautiful, the flower is beautiful.. you had one beautiful day!

Alli said...

So sweet. I love your little love stories. :)

Brooke T said...

MAWWIGE is what brings us togeva today! haha my favorite movie ever!! It looks like you had one of the best valentine's day ever! I loved reading this post!

Lauren Byers said...

SOOOO SWEET!!!!! you are the cutest family. I love valentine's day!! :)

madison kate said...

the princess bride has to be one of the best romantic movies in the universe.

oh my goodness, you had an amazing valentine's day. that pasta looks so yummy, love the idea of the candles... so so sweet.

Eva Marie said...

totally how I feel "Forever won't be long enough" :)

and can I just say how cute with brooks and the big teddy!!!! Liv loveeesss her big teddy

Nicole Marie said...

you guys are adorable!

Chelsea said...

i'm glad you guys had a yummy & romantic v-day!!!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful perfect family you have :]

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Sweetness overload. The best things? The "heart attack" idea, the yummy food, the princess bride tradition, the cuteness of you and Adam, the strawberries, and best of all???? Little Brooks and his smiley face with that huge bear!!!

Perfect day. Perfect Family.

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