Saturday, February 19, 2011

ribs, MoNStEr TRucKs, and a couple churros

Last night we went out for an evening of [the best, most moist, flavorful] RIBS at Pat's Ribs in Salt Lake (if you're near by and you like ribs, GO. now.] And then we headed to Monster Jam to get our ears blown out (thank GOODNESS they provided ear plugs) and to see every man's dream as a little boy come true: MONSTER TRUCKS going off jumps and crushing cars. oh yes :)
{slow roasted at 160 degrees...perfection}
{Dave, Mandy, Luke, & Becca}
{Adam's isn't squirting mustard on his ribs, it's a special spicy bbq sauce...SO GOOD!}
{Brooks' got his hair did by his little cousin Kalia ;) Ready for the monster trucks with his mohawk! }
{Our walk to the E-center...}
{we were lucky enough to sit in box-seats! so fun!}
{Intermission...I searched for Dip-n-Dots with no luck :( But I did get a couple CHURROS...which all 3 of us enjoyed!
{such a sharing boy :) I love the one on the bottom right...look at his little tongue! heehee}
{Adam & little B watching the ginormous trucks roar!}
{Above & below is awesome Ashton (he was in TRUCK HEAVEN to say the least) and daddy Dave}
{Ash was pretty excited about his monster truck shirt!}

It was such a fun night!! Thanks to Luke & Bec who got the tickets and chose Pat's BBQ for dinner! :)


b. lee said...

what an adrenaline packed show that must have been :D

Alli said...

Whoa! I've only seen Monster Trucks at the fair. :) That looks like a cool show. I'm most jealous of the churros though. Sweets, sweets, sweets!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

HALEY! What a super fun night! EEEK! I have always, always wanted to go see monster trucks! I think it sounds so fun and exciting!!

Brooks with a mohawk is just about the cutest thing. What a trendy, fabulous baby he is. ;) And I, too, love the pic of him sharing his churro. Such a sweetie!

Now I'm dying to go find some ribs to eat. Those look delish.

p.s. Thanks a MILLION for your sweet sweet comment on my beachy guest post. You are so kind! And I definitely think you should go ahead and book that trip to the coast....If you do, here's a hint: Orange Beach is the PRETTIEST! Lots of nice condos, too. How fab would it be if y'all were at the coast the same time as us? Wouldn't it be dreamy to have a yummy seafood dinner with our sweet boys? I think Brooks and Hudson would get along swimmingly. ;)

jenny said...

MOnster trucks! Oh would that be fun!! Your baby boy is precious! I have twin baby boys! Boys are wonderful!

Shay said...

Monster trucks and churros= AMAZING! That is my kind of date night!

Merilee said...

Cute! Those ribs look so yummy! I'm glad you guys get out so much and have so much fun!

Chelsea said...

monster trucks would be SO fun to take conrad to see!!!


Ramsey said...

Oh boy! My love nugget would b in heaven!

Eva Marie said...

Now this looks like fun!!! How cute is that Mohawk lol??
Totally feeling ribs now

kebowman said...

ahh! that looks like so much fun!

Lauren Byers said...

so so sooooo FUN! I love Brooks' mohawk! :)

thatjordangirl said...

Sitting in a box and monster trucks is the best ever. And I think I'm taking Zack to ribs for dinner now, yum!!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

your baby is SO adorable!

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