Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Healer's Art

A few days ago Adam's sweet sister Mandy gave us this adorable, Columbia winter coat (size 2T) for Brooks to wear next winter. While it drowns him now, I have no doubt he'll fill it out come winter time. I couldn't resist getting a picture of him in makes our big boy look so small :)
I can't get over her thoughtfulness....she is going through such a time of putting back the pieces of her heart that shattered after the passing of her boy, Bennett (who would have fit right into that little coat). Yet, she thinks of others and their needs.

I just finished reading an article from the Ensign titled "The Healer's Art"...and a part of it made me think of Mandy and her family. Through out the article there are the words from the song "Lord I Would Follow Thee," a favorite hymn of mine. Here is a part of a verse that resonates strongly in my heart:

"Savior, may I learn to LOVE THEE,
Walk the path that thou hast shown,
Pause to help and LIFT ANOTHER,
Finding strength beyond my own."
{you can read all of the words to this beautiful hymn here}

Those words remind me that in order to show love to my Heavenly Father and Savior I need to serve others. When we're faced with challenges and trials that cause our hearts to hurt, or even our souls to ache, we can choose to reach out to others. If we think "What can I do to ease their burden?" and then act on whatever promptings we receive, we are following the Savior's footsteps and lettings His love work in our lives. Our hearts will be healed with his pure, unconditional well as the hearts of those we serve.
The Healer's art is a beautiful thing, isn't it?


NKriste said...

That was so sweet of her! I cannot imagine the pain she must be going through. I really enjoyed reading this post. I agree with you about serving others shows love to God. It's a wonderful thing. Thank you for sharing this!

Eva Marie said...

The Healer's Art, I have never heard it been called that and it just rings so beautifully in my ear. What can I do to ease their burden.. this is something I have been striving to make an effort to do for others and this reminds to continue to do so daily

Wendi Kartchner said...

Oh this is sooooo true. As Roddy has reached out to other to bring light into the dark, dark places he has been sent to, it has made all the difference!

The experience of being wrongfully accused, and now convicted, of crimes he didn't commit could have destroyed him, but the "turning outward" in his time of greatest need is saving him.

What our families are going through is such a testament to the power of the Lord to save us "in" the fire, and like Mandy has said, in times like these we really get to know
what we are made of.

Shay said...

That is one of my favorite hymns- so beautiful! What a sweet family you have

b. lee said...

beautifully said ... thank you for sharing & reminding us of the simple gifts of love & healing * *

Katie Marie said...

I think the Lord has been trying to tell me something the last few days...just about everything I have heard and read is about service. Thanks for sharing this!

kylee said...

we talked about service in church today! and actually sang that exact hymn. it was such a lovely meeting. can i just thank you right now for your amazing posts. you always post such inspirational things and i thank you for sharing them and for sharing your testimony. you are such an example to me.

Emily said...

The photo is SO sweet. And I totally agree. :)

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