Monday, March 28, 2011

vlog - 12 reason we love Brooks

Thank goodness for a husband who remembered that he set up a youtube account a while back...we can now post normal speed videos! yeesssss!

I realize I say in the video we were going for 35-40 seconds...but some good laughs made it a bit longer ;)

We chose to list only 12 reasons (out of MANY) because he's 12 months old :)
And here's a translation in case you couldn't understand us through the speed-talk and laughter:
1) we love that Brooks is a great baby
2) we love his mullet
3) we love his belly
4) we love his laugh
5) when we change his diaper and he sometimes pees on us, that's real funny ;)
6) he has his daddy's eyelashes
7) we love watching him sleep
8) we love when he wakes up happy
9) we love his is the front, party in the back (repeat;)
10) we love his booty with his diaper
11) we love his little teeth (he has 5 now!)
12) we love that he loves us!



Emma said...

That's the cutest video! You two are an adorable couple, with a gorgeous baby. What a cute idea!!

Brooke T said...

oh my goodness SO CUTE!!! I want to start making videos for my daughter to watch, what a great idea!

Unknown said...

This is SO cute! You guys are the sweetest little family!

kylie said...

this KILLS me with cuteness!

first of all, your voice is amazing. SO BEAUTIFUL and feminine. makes me jealous. secondly, CUTEST idea ever - i am totally doing this with my little ones someday. and thirdly, sweetest cutest loviest family ever.

BRiii said...

LOVE it! It made me laugh ;c) Brooks is sooo cute!!!!

Carolee Beckham said...

so cute!!! love this

Chelsea said...

I wish I had been better about doing more videos with conrad. I have his first steps and a few other random videos but not a ton.

so so cute!

Kandice Breinholt said...

awe! this is so adorable! and that baby boy of yours is dang cute :D

Tunes & Spoons said...

hhaha!! you guys are so cute! that video was really sweet!! he is too precious! it was fun getting to hear you talk!! yay for vlogs!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Just when I thought you 3 couldn't get ANY CUTER, you go and prove me wrong. Aaaah! I want to watch it again and again! I love little Brooks sitting there like a little man, so quiet, then bursting out with some very loud words. PRECIOUS. No, it's more than precious. It's SCRUMDIDLYUMPTIOUS. (is that how you spell that?) ha. Anyway. I love the vlog....more please? :D

stephanie [the merry way] said...

Luu-hu-huuve this! Too cute! What an adorable, happy family you have!

Nicole Dianne said...

this is precious :)

Alli said...

You guys (all three of you!) are too stinking cute! Wow. I think little videos like this will be so valued as your lives grow and change together. Speaking from personal experience, missing my mom, I love seeing videos of her or hearing her talk. Beautiful and what great aspects of Brooks!!

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