Friday, July 22, 2011


I'm still working on photos from our stellar Stum reunion ;)
Adam's computer (where the photos are) has been out of commission for a while...but I was able to put together this video from our day in the one and only Yellowstone.

Surrounded by nature, seeing animals in their element (my favorite were the bison), lots of walking and holding hands, stopping by the amazing Old Faithful Inn for icecream, watching Old Faithful do her thing, and enjoying a picnic with frisbee and a game of was a GOOD DAY.

PS - I figured out had to use iMovie to add that fun vintage effect and speed up most of the video to get more footage in less time...all thanks to Ashley! My video is amateur compared to ones that she's created :) If you're like me and would love a taste of the beach right about now, go watch her video from their sunny vacation here. You won't regret it :)


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Andrea Stevenson said...

How fun to have the whole fam at Yellowstone! Love the video. So adorable:)


Britney said...

Haley, you're so awesome. This video is just great! I was telling Adam how jealous I am at how good you are at making videos.
p.s. I LOVE the scarf headband. I've seen that, but haven't tried it yet. Have you seen the turban headbands?
I want this one like a mad woman:

Have a great weekend with your cute cute family!

Britney said...

p.s. Thanks for the link! That girl has got it going on...I say go for it! I'm getting my hair did pretty soon. Even tho most people said they liked me without bangs I'm too lazy to ever do my hair and bangs always made an up-do look like it took more effort than my overused ballerina bun.
p.s.s. I MUST get the recipe of that postum (pero) frappuccino drink you make. You made my life when you told me that things exists.

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

That look amazing, incredible. True forces of nature.

MariePhotographie said...

You are the cutest thing EVER! I love you and your cute family!

Adam and Hilary said...

Your reunion looked so fun! Your video was awesome! Brooks is getting big so fast, such a cute kid!

Shay said...

LOVE the video! Especially the end where baby B is playing frisbee with your mom- so tender!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Haley! Your video just totally rocked my socks off. You are talented, little lady! You did such a great job with the iMovie!!

Your head scarf is so gorgeous. All of the cute Brooks shots are PERFECT and happy. That geyser is amazing. LOVE Brooks in the backpack carrier. So much gorgeous scenery and blue skies. LOVE all the smiles on the whole fam. Little B eating the watermelon is the CUTEST.

oh & I want to play frisbee with Brooks, too. ;)

I'm seriously craving a trip to some mountains right about now.

You are so sweet to add a link to me...simply put, you are just the BEST.

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