Friday, August 26, 2011

BLT memories

So, remember that last time I wrote about how the taste and smell of food can bring back such sweet memories?? Well last night I made some TBLTs (turkey bacon, lettuce, & tomato) on toasted english muffins. They were amazing!! And while enjoying our dinner, Adam and I couldn't help but smile and remember the last time we enjoyed some good BLTs...almost 4 years ago (!) on our very first date :) After being introduced by his sweet sister, Sharla, Adam came back to the place I worked and asked me to join him for a fun group date. The men made BLTs and then we headed to Porter Park in Rexburg for some good ol' game of couples Frisbee Golf. Adam and I won (holler!) and then we headed back to my place. We stayed out on the balcony of my apartment and talked for hours...I couldn't get enough! I wanted to learn more and more about this Adam Kjar ("care" not "k-jar"...that's a story in and of itself;) and I'm so grateful I get to keep learning about, and growing more in love with, him for the rest of our lives and forever.

Goodness, all that from a TBLT ;)

And I thought I'd share a picture of us from around the time of our first BLT together ;) The picture below is from right after we started dating (Oct. 2007)...he looks a bit banged up because, well, he was. He had just finished and won a wrestling tournament that the BYUI Intermurals program had put on :) I was so proud of him!

*cheers* to a happy weekend for everyone! Filled with lots of good food and the people you love :)


Courtney B said...

Oh gosh, this is the sweetest memory!! I love remembering our dating times :)

And I am so glad you posted this tblt, in the summer I seriously have the worst time coming up with ideas for dinner. For some reason, I just don't want to cook in the summer. But this will make a perfect dinner, so thank you for that!! :)

Britney said...

Food is always great way to start a relationship, in my opinion. And look at how hot you guys were!--and still are! Thanks for sharing about the early days with your love. I definitely know what I'm making for dinner tonight :)
p.s I thought for a little while that your last name was pronounced "k-jar". SOOO glad I never had to say it out loud :P. Could've been embarrassing.

Centerville FSA said...

Food is a great way to remember things! What a cute story about your first date! I totally remember the first time Mike and I talked for hours getting to know each other at the beginning of our relationship, good times! These TBLT's look YUMMY!!! I'll have to try them out sometime for dinner. And I love the picture of you guys from back in the day, how sweet.

Megan and Justin said...

aw cute memory. good ol porter park :)

Devin said...

That is a beautiful sandwich!


Stephanie and Such said...

K Love Porter Park, I went to school in Idaho too! But what men! I mean really, what a great (and yummy date)

Randomly found your blog through Story of My Life (such a good post today) and what's funny, is after I commented I found three other mormon bloggers because of that post! Crazy huh? I guess us mormon girls like a little bit of "real" on the blogs :) excited to get to know you through blogging miss!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Oh BOY! Y'all are just the CUTEST!!! I love this sweet story...& I love young love....& I love a good sandwich. ;)

I like how you made your own spin on the BLT...I like mine best as a BCT -- Bacon Cheese and Tomato. (hold the lettuce, please.) ;)

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