Monday, September 12, 2011

can't get enough sister time :)

I got to spend this past weekend with my sister Corrie up at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg... Brooks came along as my chaperone ;) and we had such a wonderful time!!

--> a sunny picnic with Jimmy John's subs at Porter Park
--> playing with Little B on the playground and swings
--> going to Karrie Ann's (a darling little icecream shop on wheels) for the most amazing cup of Italian-ice and custard
--> enjoying that cool, sweet treat on a shaded piece of grass
--> laughing, talking, and more laughing
--> shopping...for clothing and the classic big grocery shopping trip at the bigginning of the semester
--> dinner at Craigo's...errr, Pizza Pie Cafe
--> staying up late and getting a head/back rub from my sweet sister 'til I fell asleep on her couch :)

--> Brooks and I attempted to go to church...but ended up in the hallways during Sacrament meeting ;)
--> enjoying a fantastic nap later that afternoon...all three of us spooning on Corrie's twin bed :)
--> making dinner with Corrie for her apartment and eating it outside...mmmm, lasagna!
--> baking cookies and enjoying them with icecream with my old roommate Alyssa and her family! (a bunch of my photos got deleted off my phone :( so our fun time of eating, laughing, and dancing with our little boys isn't pictured)

--> Corrie went off to early Brooks and I "slept in" and then he enjoyed a bath
--> meeting Corrie on campus to enjoy a nostalgic breakfast of smoothies and a cinnamon raisin demi-loaf (a tiny loaf of bread) and honey butter (I worked at the old smoothie shop and met Adam there! And demi-loaves were how I made it through hours and hours in the library freshman and sophmore year)
--> walked around that beautiful campus (loved every minute) to get some cheesy photos in front of my freshman dorms and a BYUI sign :)
It was so fun talking with Corrie about this semester...she's going to be working part-time and will have a large load of classes, all of her roommates were unknown but they seem like such sweethearts upon meeting them...oh college is just full of crazy-hard work and crazy-fun times! We also talked about how life doesn't always turn out how we plan or hope...but it will always happen how it's supposed to. We've got to roll with the punches, and make the best with the consequences that come from our decisions...goodness sometimes I feel like I learn more from my younger sister than she learns from me. I love her to death.

Thank you so much Corrie for just the weekend I needed!!
Little B and I miss you already...
And Adam, Brooks, and I can't wait for you to come down for General Conference next month!

Spiritual Health:
Watched a video of Sunday's CES Devotional - "Truth and Tolerance" by Elder Dallin H. Oaks
"I begin with three absolute truths. I express them as an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. But I believe that most of these ideas are shared by believers generally. First, all persons are brothers and sister, under God, taught within their various religions to love and do good to one another. ... Second, this 'living with differences' is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us we must do. ... Third, we do not abandon the truth and our covenants."


Gentri said...

How fun!! :D You girls are gorgeous and your baby is ADORABLE!!

Britney said...

I'm so happy that you got to see Corrie before she started school and that you got to enjoy the prime of Rexburg! I loved being Corrie's visiting teacher--I visited her right before she left and she was so excited to go back!
And you worked at one of those little university cafe's?! They were my lifeline too. But I was too cheap to buy smoothies so I usually spent way too much for a granola bar or banana. So cute that you and your little one could have that trip together.

Courtney B said...

You both are so incredibly gorgeous... no fair! :)
Sounds like you had a perfect weekend! This makes me wish I had a sister even more! At least I have gained some sisters through marriage right?
And we are pizza pie's so bad! Maybe someday we should set up a date at pizza pie??! :)

Nicole Dianne said...

beautiful girls!! looks like you two had a great time together :D your little boy is just so adorable too.

OH and i'm pretty sure i have the same pink striped shirt your sister is wearing :)

Unknown said...

you and your sister are twinsies! looks like a fun weekend!

Megan and Justin said...

aw you were in Rexburg?!! looks like fun! so random...there is a girl in my photography class with the last name Kjar and its pronounced "care" is she your sister-in-law?? cousin?? something?! haha anyway cute pictures:)

Davis Valley Classic said...

I'm glad to hear you had a fun time up there! The pictures of Brooks in the tub are to die for! So cute! You and your sister look a lot alike! And I love your head band/wrap in some of the pictures too. I think I saw a tutorial for that on Pinterest, but as I have told you before... I'm not good at anything when it comes to fashion or making myself look presentable! You'll have to attempt to teach me sometime! See you tomorrow!

Devin said...

These pictures are so adorable! Oh my goodness, his smile just melts your heart!

noone said...

such pretty pictures!! I love my sister as well, she's like my best friend :D

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

I can honestly say sister time is one of the greatest gifts God has given! Your relationship with your sister sounds like mine with my sister ;)
So glad you had such a great time with Corrie!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Cutest pictures EVER! All of 'em.

& you two have to be the cutest sisters alive. Really. Just BEAUTIFUL.

p.s. this post makes me a little bit jealous. I'm an only child...and reading this makes me long for a sister. :(

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