Thursday, September 15, 2011

one and a half

My Little B had his half birthday yesterday! I was going to make a half birthday cake and everything, but I think we'll wait and have that little belated celebration on Sunday ;)
18 months.
Goodness our boy is growing up much too fast. I know it's cliche to say...I mean I don't want him to stay little forever, but I would love for him to stay in each of these darling little stages a bit longer... *sigh* Thank goodness for photos and videos that capture his sweetness for me to enjoy over and over again, especially as he gets older :)

Here's a few videos of Brooks that make me smile and laugh every time I watch them...enjoy :)

Background story for "Oranges":
He is such a little thinker!! He wanted to hold all of those little clementines at to see his smarty-pants method ;)

Background story for "Wall licker":
Brooks starting licking this wall (whaaaaaaa?) so of course I reacted with an "eeeewww Brooks! Don't lick the wall"...which he thought was hilarious, so he continued to do so! The more I said "eew!" the more he licked. yikes. (this video is a bit loud, so you may want to turn the volume down)

Background story for "Popcorn popping":
Little B has loved the primary song "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree" for months now! He'd smile while I sang, and clapped for more when I'd finish. And just this weekend he started doing to fun signs with me! Oh he makes me one proud Mama! And please excuse my awesome morning voice, and Brooks stellar bed head ;)

Spiritual Health:
"He Carried My Sorrows" by Jane Bleak (Ensign - June 2011)
"[Heavenly Father] has blessed me with hope in the future, helped me to heal my heavy heart, heightened my awareness of the goodness around me, given me opportunities to serve, deepened my compassion for others, and magnified my love for family and friends. Through it all, I have gained a testimony that our challenge is to surrender our will to Heavenly Father because only then can we personally be refined and polished in the ways He has specifically designed for each of us."


Courtney B said...

Oh gosh, how ADORABLE are these videos?? Ah he is PRECIOUS! (And you are such a darling mommy!)
Are you excited for him to go to nursery? :)

Katie said...

yep, watched all the videos :) he is such a darling little man--the clementine one was my favorite, i love seeing how their minds works!

thanks for sharing this with us, and i agree, you are a wonderful mommy!

Unknown said...

Aw, happy year and a half to your sweet boy!

Notes She Wrote said...

awww those videos are so so adorable! Happy year and a half bday!! he is such a cutie :) One day Brooks and Cole will be buddies for sure!! :)

Alyse said...

Darling! haha I loved pop corn popping! The way he waits to sing "pop pop pop pop pop" is so cute!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Hudson just laughed soooo hard watching Brooks lick the wall. HAHAHA. I wish you could have heard him. Then when the video ended & you said Bye Bye...Hudson said "Bye Bye Baby! See ya later!". They're young cyber friends, already.

My favorite is the pop pop pop video. He is just so precious. :)

Britney said...

He's getting so big! He's such a sweet little boy! I can see how he has been such an entertaining addition to your family. And all the videos just made my heart melt! Especially the one with him licking the wall--haha he's got such a wonderful sense of humor, and definitely had me laughing out loud watching him maneuver all of those oranges. Hahaha I really really hope we can see you guys soon! <3

Shay said...

I just died watching the popcorn video- he is the sweetest thing! Happy 8 months little B!

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

These videos are just Adooooorable!! I love how he was so persistent in trying to get all of those clementines under his neck! What a sweet, sweet boy you have!

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