Friday, September 30, 2011

Wishes for this weekend

Earlier this week Brooks found some wishies (dandelions at their peak;)
Watching him examine their fluffiness, showing him how to blow them, then seeing him take a deeeeeeeeep breath and blowing with all his might over and over again...oh it was too sweet for words.

And while Brooks may not have made any wishes before blowing the dandelion seeds away (anyone else make a wish when they were younger, and then knew that if you blew them ALL away in one breath it'd come true??)...I'll share some wishes I have for this weekend:

I wish for my sister Corrie to come into town this weekend.
I wish for Adam to come home early tonight from work to help me the dinner I'm preparing for our new neighbors.
I wish for a relaxing weekend spent in PJs.
I wish to be spiritually uplifted.
I wish to enjoy ridiculous amounts of delicious food.
I wish to snuggle my boys. a lot.
I wish video chat with my family in Washington.

And you know what?? It's all guaranteed to come true. Woohoo! Corrie will be here at about 4 today and I'm so excited! We'll be enjoying General Conference, where the leaders in our church share beautiful messages of hope and testimonies of Christ, at home on TV...which means that we'll be in our PJs and we'll be making tons of amazing food. Mmmmm... Happy weekend everyone!


Unknown said...

I love your blog!! Your little man is too cute!! I hope to have the same weekend too (except I don't have a sister!!:) I love hearing from the leaders of our church!! Yeah!!!

Megan and Justin said...

conference weekend in your pjs is the BEST!! and lots of yummy food is always a must:)

Unknown said...

What a cutie he is!! Have a great weekend :)

Davis Valley Classic said...

Love these pictures of Brooks! Have a wonderful conference weekend!

Jessie said...

I love dandelions! Cute pictures!

Lena said...

Brooks is soooo SQUEEZABLE! love him! Have a great conference weekend!

Eva Marie said...

Just catching up on some posts I missed.. I finally have internet finally at home haha

Loving how brooks is looking more and more like his sweet mama.. and your wishes are perfect and how sweet they can all come true..

the date to the apple store - cute:) we are mac lovers over here :) and starbucks?? why hello lovely :)

madison kate said...

eeee he is too cute!

and i love the idea of this post. so so lovely.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Haley! I hope every single wish came true for you this past weekend! You deserve it!

& how precious is little Brooks with his dandelions! Simple pleasures in life are sometimes the most beautiful....

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