Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bucket List: 30 before 30

So there are these 3 incredibly sweet, beautiful girls I knew back in college (wish I knew them better back then!)...Kylie, Lisa, and Megan are sisters, triplets actually (awesome right??). They have this awesome blog called Traveling Triplets. That's where I got the amazing recipe when I made coconut rice with stir fry, remember that? Well, their blog is just full of all sorts of goodness...for example, they made this fab bucket list they declared their 30 Before 30: 30 things they want to do before they turn 30. Awesome idea right?? Check out their list here. And I thought I'd follow their lead and make one of my own! Some are personal, some are paired with Adam, and some are with our family. It was fun creating the list, and I'm excited to work on it!
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  1. Do a home exchange vacation with someone from a different country (like in "The Holiday"...still warming Adam up to that idea;)
  2. Visit at least one new LDS Temple a year.
  3. Go back to Belize and help build "Domes For the World."
  4. Have a college roommate reunion getaway...to New York :)
  5. Go on another cruise with Adam.
  6. Get fully equipped with camping gear beyond our awesome companion sleeping mummy bags that zip together (wedding gift from my mom & dad:)
  7. Take that equipment and go on a fantastic, multi-day backpacking trip
  8. Combine video clips and photos for a yearly family video
  9. Go to Disneyland either during Halloween or Christmas (or both:)
  10. Take another sushi class
  11. Plan and throw a sushi making party at our home for friends
  12. Buy bikes for our family, with a kiddy trailer attachment
  13. Learn to sew...and complete at least one outfit for me, Adam, and our kids
  14. Hike the Y.
  15. Have a few more cute kiddos :)
  16. Create some personal artwork together to display in our home
  17. Cut my hair for Locks of Love
  18. Continue our family's annual Spring Time Silhouettes
  19. Get a caricature of our little fam :)
  20. Take Adam to Seattle...soak up the goodness of Pike's Place fish market and eat a romantic dinner at the top of the Space Needle
  21. Keep growing our collection of Disney Movies
  22. Take a road trip down the Washington/Oregon Coast
  23. Finish building up our food storage supply...especially water!
  24. Research and purchase an SLR camera...and a polaroid camera
  25. Travel back to Japan with Adam and meet the people that influenced him most on his mission...and stuff ourselves with sushi and delicious Japanese cuisine
  26. Totally finish making our house our home
  27. Learn to refinish/repaint furniture
  28. Refinish, repair, and revive our old piano
  29. Finish "Operation: Backyard" (BBQ, fire pit, swingset, and volleyball/badminton set)
  30. Hike to Havasupai Falls
PS - Pretty sure I maxed out the amount of links you can have in one post ;)

PPS - Mu better half is almost home after 6 days away on business!! Brooks and I can't wait to be with Adam tonight :)

Spiritual Health:
A beautiful message that shares how "some of the most sublime examples of [God's] love are recorded in the Book of Mormon" and how "these examples can apply in our own lives as we strive to become more like the Lord."


Lauren Byers said...

i LOVE your list!! These next years are going to be a BLAST for you guys!! :)

thatjordangirl said...

I may have to copy you and do one of these...though I'm nearing 30, YIKES! You have some good ones on there and yay for Adam getting back, I know you didn't miss him at all ;].

Gentri said...

Love these! Such a fun idea!!

simply megan. said...

I love bucket lists!!! These all look so fun!! Go for it!!

Unknown said...

ahhh thanks haley i love this :) and i loved the shout out. if only we hung out more in rexburg :( so glad you made a bucket list too, it sounds great and totally doable! good luck and enjoy all of it :)

b. lee said...

loved the movie "Holiday" such a romantic idea * refinish furniture ... so fun ~ takes such patience * bikes for the fam'... good stuff!

Unknown said...

love your list! particularly #1. loved the movie and always thought it would be totally cool to do a holiday exchange with someone. the husband gave me the weird look too.

Alyse said...

my parents gave us sleeping bags that zip together for our wedding, too :) and you MUST go to Havasu--I really want to go again!

kylee said...

disneyland is the BEST this time of year. they change the haunted house to the nightmare before christmas. and the decorations, oh my goodness the decorations are amaaaazing. everytime they take a new disney movie out of the "disney vault" i think to myself that i ought to go out and buy it for my future kiddos.

christine donee said...

love this idea! Now I want to make one...

Britney said...

I'm totally with you on 4, 8, 9, 12,16, 21, and 23. ESPECIALLY #4--call me when you do this. I can give you all the best pizza places, fro yo, and sites to see in NY!

Megan Hollenback said...

you are seriously so sweet! glad you made a list, how fun!!!!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

#1. Love this idea! That's one of the best movies ever, and the idea of switching homes seems so dreamy to me!
#4. Getaways to NYC are my favorite kinds of getaways.
#8. LOVE the idea of a yearly video. I need to do better at compiling all my footage, too.
#9. I am DYING to go to Disney World for Christmas. Maybe next year? ;)
#10. A sushi class!?!?! What is this awesomeness!?
#15. Yes, please. Have lots. :)
#21. Love growing the Disney collection...our latest additions were: Lion King and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! Next up, Cars 2.
#24. You will love an slr!!!
#25. That would be a truly glorious and fulfilling trip, I do believe! Did I tell you my Dad spent time in Japan? I would love to go there someday, too.

GREAT LIST HALEY!! Hope you accomplish all 30, and MORE! xo

kylie said...

yahoo! you did it! beautiful list. i love it. nothing is better than dreaming big and making things happen! thanks so much for your kind words and the shout out. you are so sweet. i bought bagels at joanns just so i could talk to you. you are so sweet and radiate love for everyone and no matter what, i always loved THAT about you.


Unknown said...

Love this idea. I really need to make one of these :) and I second number 4!!!! WOOHOO times a million!

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