Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lift As You Climb

After Adam got home from church (Brooks and I stayed home so that he could have a loooooonng nap and finish recovering from being sick this weekend) we watched a recorded episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. They were rebuilding the home of a man named Bernard who's a single father of three sons, and is a teacher who believes he can make a change in the lives of those he teaches and comes in contact with. Bernard said his life's motto is to "lift as you climb" you reach for your goals and work for self improvement, you should try to lift others up with you.

After we heard that inspiring message, Adam immediately said, "That totally describes your Dad." And I couldn't agree more. In a literal aspect, my Dad finds such joy in sharing his passion of climbing and backpacking with those he loves. Numerous family members and friends have summited various mountains and hiked gorgeous trails because of my Dad. As he's climbed, he has most definitely lifted those with him to reach their summit. Along with climbing mountains, my Dad is an amazing example of setting goals, making it through life's challenges, working hard, and constantly learning. He is always reading a good book and sharing what he's learning with those he loves. I look forward to whenever I get an email from him with a "gem thought" (inspiring quote) he's found. And I know that he loves serving the Young Men (ages 12-18) at church and strives to be an example to them of loving God and being strong and faithful through life's challenges.

I love my Dad, and I'm grateful he's lifted me through life's climb. And I want to wish him a HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY!!!!! It was yesterday, and do you know what he wanted to do?...he wanted to enjoy a good, long 30 mile bike ride with my Mom :)
{ Dad skiing down from our Mt. Hood climb - April 2009 }

{ Grandpa (Dad) and baby Brooks - July 2010 }

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Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Dad! He sounds absolutely AMAZING!

Love the idea of : Lift as you Climb...we should all strive to try to lift others up as we work towards our goals.

Thanks for ANOTHER inspiring post, friend. You are the best.

& Happy 60th to your DAD!!!!

Hilary said...

Well said. You described Karl perfectly! I would love to go on a climb with him someday!

By the way my Adam is going to give your Adam a call about a car. maybe a subaru . . .

thatjordangirl said...

Happy Birthday to your father! He sounds like an amazing man indeed!

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