Thursday, December 1, 2011

Awkwardly Awesome?...or Awesomely Awkward?

My life is full of "awkward" moments, and luckily plenty of "awesome" ones too. They are usually are a few (okay, more than a few) as of late.

Making the process of putting up our tree take almost 3 weeks...last week we put it up, this week we strung the lights, this weekend we'll hang ornaments.
The Christmas tree glow makes my heart oh-so happy.

Untangling Christmas lights. Period.
While putting up the lights we sipped on hot cocoa and ate Pirouette cookies. And after, I sat on the ground, Adam laid his head on my lap, and we played the "Remember when...?" game from our time of dating. So many wonderful memories...

Brooks being in a stage of hitting when he gets frustrated.
Brooks also being in this kissing stage and I LOVE IT. He puckers up his lips and says "mmmmmmm!" before he gives me, or his toys, or his books, or the wall a kiss.

Having about every other stranger call Brooks a girl. Curly hair does not always equal female, people! The blue hoodie, green shirt, and blue binky would have clued them in you think ;)
I love his hair. Even if some days it's mullet-ish or may look girly :)

On the flight to Spokane last week, I had to lay down in the isle of the airplane because I felt like I was either going to pass out or throw up...then right as we landed I ended up using the "Feel Better Soon" bag. ugh.
Brooks was such a good boy both to and from Spokane :)

While mattress shopping, Brooks was jumping and rolling all over the mattresses (don't worry, he took a good, long bath when we got home) and within about 2 minutes his hair started to look like Harry's from "Dumb & Dumber."
Brooks enjoyed every second though :) He was a bouncing maniac and laughed 'til he could barely breath. I love my crazy boy.

A tooth that had a cavity filled recently has been killing me, on and off, the past week. I went in to the dentist yesterday for my bi-annual cleaning and a checkup on that tooth...turns out it needs a root canal.
While the hygienist was checking my teeth, she said, "Your teeth are looking great, do you floss?" "Ummm thanks...but I don't as much as I should." (which means I did today, but haven't in weeks) She then told me that not flossing causes the bacteria that doesn't get cleaned away with a toothbrush to get into my system and bloodstream...which can get into the placenta and have negative effects on my baby like low birth weight, illnesses after birth, and even miscarriage. Yikes! I said, "That definitely makes sense, I just hadn't thought about it before. Hey...I guess I'm flossing to save lives!" We both laughed :) But I think I laughed a bit harder than her because I was thinking about my girl Phoebe when she used that line ;) hahaHA.

Having to leave my phone on silent all day because when Brooks hears it he goes bazurk if I don't let him play with it...when he does, it leads to accidental phone calls and deleted apps. I've created a little iphone monster ;)
When we call or face-time my Mom he gets SOOOOO excited :) Iphone + Grandma...Brooks is in heaven.

Telling Adam that I love how after he leaves for work, the bathroom still smells like him. After getting a weird look from him, I corrected myself, "I mean, the scent of your cologne lingers in the bathroom and I love it!" ;)
Adam's new cologne makes me weak in the knees.

Realizing it has been x-number of months since bringing Adam lunch from home (other than leftovers).
Made and brought my man lunch at work yesterday :)

Eating tapioca pudding cups with a baby spoon.
Eating tapioca pudding cups with a baby spoon.

My workout shirt barely covered my belly at the gym yesterday. Good thing I had a long tank top on under ;)
Brooks doing great at the gym's play area! Even if it was just for 40 minutes :) And I had an great workout, can't wait to go back today!

Cleaning out the room next to Brooks' that will be baby's room. It's been a catch-all area...and goodness do we have a lot of junk.
It's not all junk though, I went through and organized, by size, the boxes and bags of Brooks' old clothes. I forgot how little he was, so many sweet memories came flooding back. AND it gets me excited to think about a new little one filling all those white onesies.

Brooks has figured out he can fake cry.
When it is a legitimate cry, after getting hurt for example, I've found out my lips have magic powers...many of Brooks' owies get better after just a kiss or two ;)

Having an insane wind storm come through our area last night and this morning (wind gusts reaching 82 mph in our city)...power went out so we had no heat...our fence and shingle-filled yard are quite the site (see picture below)...and the wind was so loud it felt like we were in a tornado, so we (more Adam) didn't get much sleep (he and Brooks are taking a nap as I type this actually).
Brooks slept like a log the whole time, waking up happy as a clam. Then we got cozied up and headed to Salt Lake to escape our chilly house, and shop a bit...and I found a fantastic winter coat!! It covers my baby belly perfectly, and it has pretty buttons, so I'm one happy girl :)

Listening to Adam sing The Wiggles songs to Brooks. Cutest thing ever.
It's Adam's day off from work!!
(yep, that's two awesome's in a row)

(This post was inspired by Sydney over at The Daybook...she has fantastic Awkward+Awesome Thursdays...but today she shared the birth story of her son. It was beautiful, and got me even more excited to bring our little one into the world!)

Spiritual Health:
"Therefore, my son, see that you are merciful unto your brethren; deal justly, judge righteously, and do good continually; and if ye do all these things then shall ye receive your reward; yea, ye shall have mercy restored unto you again; ye shall have justice restored unto you again; ye shall have a righteous judgement restored unto you again; and ye shall have good rewarded unto you again." -- Alma 41:14

Physical Health:
Going to the gym again :) Maybe doing a Body Step class (let's hope I don't fall with my horrible balance) and I'm getting back on that stair master that has made my legs and hips sooooooooore today.


Allison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alli said...

Sorry! I commented earlier from the wrong account. Oops.


I love your list Haley. That is super cute. My favorite was the tapioca pudding one just because of the duality of the concept. Hah! I would think wearing blue and green would clue people in on Brooks a bit. I've never really thought about that! I do have one friend who has a girl who had very little hair when she was born and people kept calling her a boy. Guess it goes both ways.

Lastly, just because he's looking for a new one, what cologne is Adam wearing?

Courtney B said...

Oh my goodness!! I thought the wind storm was horrible in my neck of the woods... but the only damage we encountered was my wreath (that I worked so hard on, DANG IT!) flew far, far away. :) But you're right... the wind was SO loud!
I love your list! You're always so positive and sweet :)

Brooke said...

What a great awkward and awesome post!! So many things :D I love how my husband's cologne smells too!!

simply megan. said...

Yaaaaay for Christmas lights that make the heart happy <3

Shalyn said...

This is quite the fab list but excuse me? Brooks is all boy. Silly people need to take a hint, that is so silly!

Sorry about the damage to your fence/yard:-( No fun.

Alyse said...

hahahahahhahahahaha.... lOVED this post! ha--still smiling about the flossing... (of course, the hygienist in me thinks it's extra, suuper funny :) I would love it if my patient said that. oh you're just too cute.

...and we stayed in Centerville last night. oh man. that wind was insane! i kept waking up scared. there was a tree practically beating my window, and let's just say it wasn't very restful!

I always call myself the queen of awkward because it is such a regular thing in my life, but I wish I could recount the awkwardness as well as you!

jordan said...

Oh your poor fence looks like ours! I can't believe what happend! This post made me very happy to read though, I've been without internet and so I'm glad I have something to make me smile (it's sad how much I rely on technology!)

Sophie Weber said...

Super cute post! I love the daily moments that bring a laugh at me and smile at the situation. Being a Mom is great, I think my awkward awesome moments became a lot more awesome after having kids.I am sorry to hear about your fence. Thats no fun, but shopping does the heart good

Janette said...

Wow! So many cool moments.. My fave?
Telling Adam that I love how after he leaves for work, the bathroom still smells like him. After getting a weird look from him, I corrected myself, "I mean, the scent of your cologne lingers in the bathroom and I love it!" ;)"

LOL Hilarious! And what was with those crazy winds? They didn't get crazy near me, but an hr away, huge trees were falling over and all kinds of craziness!

Happy friday!


PS. I didn't know that about flossing! Must floss..right now.. like..right this second!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Love this fun post, Haley!

Can I get a big AMEN on every other stranger mistaking a beautiful boy for a girl!? So so annoying. After over 2 years of correcting folks about Hudson's gender, it's starting to really bother me. Hudson is called a girl DAILY no matter what he wears. Boooooooo. (I think I may have ranted about this with you before, so sorry if I repeat myself.) HA. & don't cut those beautiful curls...I won't be anytime soon. ;)

I'm so sorry you got sick on the plane! :(

I've never had a cavity and I'm deathly afraid of them. Is that weird?

LOVE all of your awesomes. Here's to a super AWESOME WEEKEND! xoxo

the lovebirds said...

love your blog- so happy to have found it. this post cracked me up! xoxo

I am Megan said...

wow! you had quite a list there! Sorry to hear about your tooth and root canal, luckily medicine is sooo much better these days than it was when our parents were young!

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