Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Brooks,

"Young boys should never be sent to bed...they always wake up a day older."

Those sweet words were said by Mr. Barrie in the lovely movie "Finding Neverland." The other day you got to spend some time with Daddy at his office, while I went to the dentist...and while having my tooth worked on I was able to watch that movie :) I've seen it many times, but while watching it that day, in the dentist's chair, with a little pillow under my lower back, and my hands on my growing thoughts went to you, sweet boy, and the baby we'll be having in March. Lately, Dad and I think it's because of your 2-year molars, you have been getting up and crying just an hour or two after being put to bed...and when I've gone in to rock you back to sleep I have found myself actually thanking my Heavenly Father because I know there aren't many of those days left that I can hold you like that in my arms. Brooks, you are growing more and more everyday...physically, mentally, emotionally...and you're becoming more of a boy and less of my baby. My heart kind of hurts thinking about it...

But then, I think of the sweet memories we've had together and how there's only more to come. I just need to savor every day with you with more passion and more patience. And before I know it, there will be another baby in my arms, and you'll be big enough to hold and snuggle him or her too! I'll be right there with you of course :) You're going to be an amazing big brother.

By the time you read this letter, you'll probably know that I am quite the night owl, so if I could have it my way, I would be more than okay with never sending you to bed...doesn't staying up in a blanket-fort eating popcorn, gummi bears, and watching movies forever sound fantastic? ;)

...because all too quickly, you wake up one day older every morning after I put you to bed.

And now you, my once tiny infant, wake up as a smiley, sassy, eats-oatmeal-with-peaches-all-by-himself big boy.

And I love it.

Love always and forever,

Spiritual Health:

Physical Health:
Going to the gym after a sushi date (veggie rolls only) with my cousin! I'll have to do some extra squats for sure after all that rice ;)


thatjordangirl said...

I always get choked up when you post these, he is going to appreicate them so much when he is older!

Gentri said...

Sweetest post ever and makes me want and not want kids even more. Haha! My sister sent me a pic of my nephew this morning and he looks so old! It's only been a few months since I've seen him, but he's already lost his little kid cheeks and has thinned out. :( he's still adorable, but I hate that he's growing so fast!

Britney said...

SUCH a sweet letter to your little boy. I honestly think the same thing everyday. While we were visiting my parents, Jude would wake up in the morning and my mom would be holding him and I'd say, "He looks different today. He looks older." And she'd be like, "You're crazy." And I totally think the same way about not being able to cuddle with him much longer--my back is even becoming too weak the hold him!
And I love that you make forts together! It reminds me that we're all just kids raising kids. Love it :) xoxo

Chelsea said...

building forts are our favorites too.

such a sweet mommy!


Kendra said...

this is the sweetest little letter. I especially love the Barrie quote. So true! Your little guy is precious! Perhaps we could set our two ones up on a date in a decade or so? :)

Jemaica said...

This broke my heart a little bit because I feel the exact same way about Piper! Things are just moving way too fast for my liking and I have moments where I begin to panic a little. I wish I could just slow it all down.

Natalie said...

Hi Haley! I just stopped by via Ashley's blog! You and your family are soooooo adorable!! I love the family photos that you shared!! Gorgeous shots of a lovely family!! xx Natalie

Davis Valley Classic said...

That quote is so true. It makes me so sad that my little ones are growing up so fast too, even though every age is a joy. There is something about snuggling a little baby! I love these pictures of your darling Brooks. I will post that video soon for you of him dancing. I don't know how to email it, hah!

his little lady said...

this post is just too adorable! and i always adored that quote from finding neverland. but it's so sad at the same time. your little boy is honestly the cutest!!!
xo TJ

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

My favorite letter yet. :) Had me smiling through teary eyes...because every single thought and feeling you have expressed here have run through my head, too. I thank God when Hudson cries in the night (now happening hardly ever) because I do cherish those little moments with my "baby". Just me and him. Rocking in the quiet darkness...calming him down while being so very thankful for every minute that I can hold him.

These babies are growing so very you think we can still rock them to sleep when they're about 14? ;)

Lots of love to you and Brooks and growing baby #2!

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