Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Fourth Wise Man

On Friday night, our ward at church had a Christmas dinner for the adults. As you can see from the second photo, they transformed the gymnasium into a winter wonderland with white lights strung from the ceiling and paper snowflakes galore...each table had beautiful Christmas china that people brought from their homes...and the center pieces were unique Nativities. It was a lovely affair (that sadly Adam and I weren't able to be to because I waited to long to find a babysitter...) but I did go for part of it because I was in a play performed after everyone enjoyed their dessert, theater in the round! :)

It was a play written and adapted from The Fourth Wise Man, a sweet children's book. It tells of a fourth wise man who is on a journey to meet the Christ child and give him 3 precious jewels...but on his way, he is confronted with opportunities to serve his fellow men. He ends up using his jewels to serve and save lives, including my character's baby. And after using his last jewel to pay for the freedom of an enslaved woman, he finds out his Savior had just been crucified...he had been on his journey for 33 years...and never met Christ. But the whole way, he was serving those around him, and therefore serving his Savior.

It was incredible to be apart of the play. The story touched my heart, and inspires me to think of those around me and what I can do for them...that is the best gift I can give to my Savior this Christmas.


Davis Valley Classic said...

That is a neat story, I've never heard that before. They did a great job decorating the gym! Love it.
Sorry that I couldn't help you out with Brooks! You know I would have loved to if it wasn't for the dang party we had to go to (which was freezing cold). See you Tuesday!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

What a neat story, and a wonderful idea to adapt it for "theater in the round"! I love that you took part in the production, Haley! I bet you were a marvelous actress. :)

The room really looks like a winter pretty!

You are exactly right...helping those around you is a WONDERFUL way to serve the Lord! Only a few more days 'til Christmas! Hope you have a GREAT week. :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful story! Love the lights and snowflakes. Looks so pretty and Christmasy!

Shay said...

I love ward activities:-) It looks like A LOT of thought went into that one and what a perfect story to spotlight!

Chelsea said...

that looks like such a fun dinner!

merry christmas!

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