Monday, December 5, 2011

A splendid weekend indeed.

Our splendid weekend was full of
frosties and fries,
lots more paper snowflakes,
homemade BBQ chicken pizza,
a very short game of Scrabble by Christmas tree light,
plenty of tub time for Little B,
making delish chicken tortilla soup,
preparing for another wind storm that luckily wasn't as bad as forecasted,
at-home pedicure by yours truly,
brownies a la'mode,
the most charming stockings were purchased,
and drumroll please...........
we finished decorating the tree!! haha :)
Brooks loved "hanging" the ornaments on the branches with Mom, and playing wrapping-paper-sword-fights with Dad.

Basically we consumed food in our PJ's the whole weekend. Mhmm :)

Spiritual Health:

Physical Health:
Going to the gym after Brooks wakes up from his nap...the stairmaster and treadmill can bring it.


thatjordangirl said...

Oy, that sounds like my kind of weekend. Did you get hit by the "storm" last night? We kept waiting and he never showed.

Lauren Byers said...

looks like the perfect weekend! That's great that you can paint your toenails when you're pregnant. Because I couldn't!! haha. :)

Unknown said...

gosh your life looks so perfect i wanna be in it! your house is way nice wow. love the snowflakes. youre a bomb cook. im jealous.

Gaby said...

aw, lovely shots. love the one of brooks stirring the batter, too cute!

Unknown said...

Looks like a great time! :-)

Brooke T said...

What a great weekend espeically the wrapping paper sword fighting and the picture of you two kissing Brooks!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Pleeeeease tell me you dip your fries in your frosty? ;) mmmmmm. It's the best. In fact, maybe we have already discussed this. :)

I almost died when I saw your little Luke Skywalker battling Daddy with the wrapping paper sword....or light saber. ;)

And scrabble by Christmas lights? Sign me up!!

You have a BEAUTIFUL life. :)

Chelsea Finn said...

I am so jealous of your perfect weekened. You have such a blessed and beautiful life! Christmas is really making me excited! :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

simi said...

this sounds so perfect! your kiddos are the epitome of cuteness :)

Shay said...

Posts like this should come with a disclaimer *beware- will cause pregnant ladies (or just girls named Shay) to have extreme cravings.

Little B sword fighting is the best!

Kati Howard said...

Your house is looking quite festive! Very cute.

Unknown said...

ok that picture of brooks in the bath tub makes me melt! he is looking more and more like you every day! haha wrapping paper it. what a cool dad ;) miss you guys!

Unknown said...

those at the most adorable stockings...hope you don't mind sharing where you got them?? they are really too cute for words!

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