Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday love!!

Thursday was my forever sweetheart's birthday. He's now 26 years old!
His special day went like this...
we slept in,
ate an epic breakfast at Sill's Cafe,
hung out at home sweet home,
my heart smiled as I watched my two boys play together,
held hands and walked to the Apple Store,
surprised Adam with the promise of the iPad 3 (scored major brownie points),
sweet Grandma Stum met us downtown to pick up Brooks,
Adam and I headed to Market Street Grill,
our stomachs went into a wonderful seafood coma,
(their crab stuffed shrimp are to. die. for.)
we enjoyed sweet & sassy conversation,
I gave our server candles to put in Adam's creme brûlée,
he made a wish and blew them out,
and we topped off the night with going to see "Sherlock Holmes 2" in our PJs.

It was a pretty swell day and I hope Adam enjoyed it as much as I did!
He is the most incredible man, with a heart of gold. He treats me like a queen. He is a super dad who was meant for fatherhood...he has the most tender, yet enthusiastic, love for Brooks. I feel so blessed to be a part of his life.
Happy Birthday Adam!! I love you forever.

Spiritual Health:
Adam read Moroni 10 to me this morning...and I loved our discussion about faith, hope, and charity. Goodness that man inspires me :)


Emma said...

Happy Birthday, Adam! And Haley, you are the sweetest wife :) You have such a beautiful way with words.

Rachel said...

Happy birthday to your guy!

Britney said...

Happy birthday, Adam! What a sweet and thoughtful wife you are! Lots of food, fun, a good flick with pj's and a soon-to-be iPad 3--all ingredients for one very happy birthday! He's one lucky man :)

Kristen said...

Aww, what a great way to spend a birthday! Happy Birthday to the hubs!

Shauna Amondson said...

Happy Birthday Adam!! Sounds like such a perfect day. and I love all the pics Hales! Your little family just keeps getting bigger and cuter every day :) LOVE YOU.

Brooke T said...

You guys always have the best birthdays!! What a great day :D Happy birthday to Adam!

Brooke T said...

You guys always have the best birthdays!! What a great day :D Happy birthday to Adam!

Davis Valley Classic said...

Happy Birthday to Adam! Looks like a really fun day! You're such a good little wifey to get him an Ipad :) And thanks a lot for making me hungry with your talk of crab! Oh, and Brooks is so cute... but you already know that!

Courtney B said...

What a wonderful day... you are the BEST wifey! My favorite part? The sleeping in and... (ok, 2 favorite parts) watching Sherlock Holmes in your PJ's! I LOVED that movie, but watching it in jammies sounds amazzzzing :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Oh WOW! WHat a perfect birthday!! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!) I love just about every single bit of his day. Isn't it great to do something that is fun for the whole family while celebrating a big Discovery Gateway? When we went to the zoo for my bday, it made me extra happy because Hudson got in on the celebrating! Brooks like he was having a BLAST. I love the sweet pictures of Daddy and son playing. :)

I LOVE that you two saw Sherlock Holmes 2 in your jammies! We really liked that movie...the only way our viewing would have been more enjoyable is if we had been in our pj's. HA!

You guys are too cute. :)

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