Monday, February 27, 2012

A very good Sunday

Oh how I love Sundays :)

While Adam was at church meetings in the morning, my Mom & I bundled up Brooks and went on a chilly/beautiful/sunny walk. Then while Brooks napped, we sipped on mugs of peach and raspberry herbal tea and I created some prints for the babe's nursery. We went to church where a wonderful young man gave his farewell address before leaving to serve a mission in Colombia...his words to his mom made me tear up. Then we went to Mama and Papa Kjar's for a family birthday dinner for Adam. They provided pie crusts and we each brought different pie fillings and made peach, strawberry, apple, and lemon custard pies! We lit some candles and sang to the birthday boy :) and I loved that Adam let Brooks blow them out with him, what a sweet Daddy!

It's Monday and it's going to be a great (and busy!) week, I can feel it!

Spiritual Health:
After seeing that Adam had left the March Ensign opened to a certain article he had read and highlighted this morning before leaving for the gym, I thought I'd read it too :) It's not quite online yet, but it's called "Helping Without Hovering", a wonderful read for parents! This statement really inspired me: "As parents help their children make righteous decisions by letting them experience natural consequences, they will foster strong, independant, spiritually minded leaders... It takes courage, faith, spiritual sensitivity, patience, and persistence, but the rewards are eternally worth it."


Brooke T said...

How fun! I love how positive you are all the time :D

Davis Valley Classic said...

Looks like a fun weekend! How fun to have your mom there.
Thanks for sharing about the Ensign article. We just got ours and I'm excited to read it. I for sure need to read that article as I'm positive I will be a mother who I already am that way even with a 2 year old and a 1 year old! :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Look at those pretty prints!! Those are going to look wonderful in the baby's room! Aww! And I'm so happy your mom is there, and you all got to spend some fun time together on a stroll.

So happy Adam had a great family birthday dinner...who couldn't with an array of fruit pies? (my favorite!!!!!)

Here's hoping your busy week ahead is very happy!! xoxo

Nicole Marie said...

that pie looks sooo good!!

Unknown said...

What a neat idea to bring different pie fillings! So neat! :) I love the picture of Brooks and your hubby blowing out the candles. So sweet!

Chelsea said...

I keep checking back to see if you've had that baby yet!

How many more weeks???


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