Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dear Brooks,

Tomorrow is your 2nd birthday!! This Mom of yours can't believe it. You have been such a wonderful son the past two years. You've taught me so much.

Your dancing has taught me to let loose more and be silly.

Your tears have taught me to look at other mothers with fussy babies and children with a more understanding heart.

Your obsession with wooden spoons and metal bowls (for fun drumming sessions) has taught me that the best toys don't cost a thing.

Your sweet smile has taught me to be more optimistic.

Your ability to fold your arms and say "amen" has made me appreciate and love prayer even more.

Your curiosity at times has taught me patience.

Your hugs and kisses have taught me to never underestimate the power of physical affection.

Overall, you have taught me to love more fully. I am a better person because of you.

Your Dad and I can't wait to see what this next year holds in store for you, our big two-year old boy! Love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday (tomorrow) sweetheart!!


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Emma said...

Happy birthday little man. :) you're a lucky boy to have such a sweet mommy.

Janette said...

Brooks is soo cute ! Happy birthday little guy! And I still think he looks like Gwen Stefani's firstborn son.. Do you see it at all?

Janette the Jongleur

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby boy! Love this letter...your wisdom as a mother blows my mind, Haley! You are amazing...and so is Brooks. :) Big Hugs to you and the birthday boy! xoxo

p.s. you are SOO RIGHT about: learning to look at mothers of fussy babies with a more understanding heart. Dirty looks towards distressed mamas never come from me anymore. ;) I often wonder--what happened with the older women, who so easily cast disapproving glances during tantrums? Perhaps with age they have forgotten that toddlers (and kids) have a mind of their own and don't always know how to quietly express themselves. Or perhaps they just had perfect angels for children. Hmmmm. Either way, wouldn't the world be a happier place if folks didn't glare at upset children & their mothers? A knowing smile feels much better. :)

thatjordangirl said...

Happy Birthday little man, and a great bday gift is the gift of a little brother or sister SO SOON!

Chelsea said...

this is so so sweet!

happy birthday little brooks.

* I love hate birthdays because every year I cry during the happy birthday song... it's true.

so sad.

monica said...

Happy Birthday Brooks!
I cannot believe he is already two, the last time I saw him he was just a few months old! Which means that was the last time I saw you!
Yikes time flies way too fast. You are so sweet Haley, but we are SO happy. It is definitely HARD being patient waiting for our baby to come down, but we know it will happen when the time is right and we have no complaints :)
Hope you had a fun day with your birthday boy! (I was hoping your next would be born on Brooks birthday, doesn't look like that happened though :))

Britney said...

ahhh that picture of Brooks is the sweetest thing ever!
And I'm with you on these little moments that teach you new things--tonight I was rocking Jude to sleep and singing him primary songs and they all of a sudden had whole different meanings for me. And every time we say prayers I can feel Heavenly Father's love for Jude.
Haha and I love how he loves wooden spoons--it's true that satisfying curiosity doesn't always cost a fortune!

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