Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little B's 2nd Birthday

Wednesday we had a wonderful day being together, just the 3 of us, for Brooks' birthday :) The day included...
breakfast at Kneaders in our PJs,
paper crowns for the birthday boy,
facetiming Grandma and Grandpa Stum,
birthday-suit action while playing with balloons from his party,
Brooks taking a looooooong 3 hour nap,
toy shopping,
going to McDonald's for dinner (and sneaking in some DQ),
watching The Lorax.

And in between all of that there was lots of dancing and plenty of tickle-fests.
So glad that we had a fun early birthday celebration and then enjoyed a simple, but oh-so sweet day. WE LOVE YOU LITTLE B!
Happy Birthday son :)


Jen Hammer said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Brooks!
Loved the photos, he is so adorable and you all look so happy together! Makes me really excited for the arrival of my little boy :)

Davis Valley Classic said...

What a perfect birthday! Looks like fun. How did he like the movie? We've never taken the kids to one, but I bet Grant would like it! I love the picture of Brooks cute little bare bum! Happy Birthday to your cute boy!

Eva Marie said...

Happy birthday beautiful boy :)

What a lovely day

We took liv to see the lorax too, she loved it

his little lady said...

oh goodness, his curly locks. i can't get over them. he looks like one happy camper. happy 2nd birthday Brooks!!!!
xo TJ

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Just sounds like the most perfect birthday to me! Birthday Suit AND balloons!? SO SO cute. What a happy and beautiful boy. Can't believe he's two....Haley, our boys are growing so fast!!!

We took Hudson to see the Lorax last week. It was his first movie at the theatre, and a BIG success. Hope little Brooks loved it lots, too. :)

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

awww happy belated birthday lil Brooks! Same day as mine! ;) I feel so special to share it with this cute lil guy!
Looks like the party was a hit! Love a party in small numbers!

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