Friday, April 20, 2012

Ben at the Olympic Trials

{ Ben & his sweet wife at the Olympic Training Center last summer }

Adam is heading out to Iowa City today to meet up with his parents and 6 of his 7 siblings to support his brother Ben wrestling in the Olympic Trials.
It is beyond thrilling to think about Ben possibly wrestling in the Olympics in London this summer!  He has worked SO hard, trained SO long, and put SO much effort into excelling at the sport.  He's defied all odds many times through out his life, on and off the mat, and publicly acknowledges God's hand in his successes. Ben is an incredible wrestler, and also an incredible person with one of THE biggest hearts I know. You can watch him share his story here.  He would be an awe-inspiring participant to represent our country in the Olympics!  Ben will be wrestling Sunday and you can bet Brooks, Ava, and I will be cheering him on from our family room as we watch him wrestle on TV! ;)

Here's where my lovely readers come in :)  
From now 'til May 18th, Low VA Rates is generously donating $2 for every "like" they get on their Facebook page that will go toward Ben's Olympic Trials trip and training to help him reach his dream of becoming an Olympic athlete.  How incredible is that??  If you have Facebook and would like to help, just click here to get to their page and then "Like" them. Easy-peasy :) A million thanks ahead!!!

Good luck Ben! You'll be in our prayers.

And just because this picture of Adam and Ben and some of their siblings makes me beyond happy (you know I love me some bath tub pictures) here you go :)
{ Sharla, Ben, Adam, Luke, baby Danner }

Spiritual Health:
Watched this inspiring video of a man and his journey to finding true happiness.  I loved when he said, "To me it's all about relationships.  It's all about trying to make sure that these relationships endure for time and all eternity.  The essence of the Gospel is about sealings. It's about us being sealed as families and loved ones to one another, and to be sealed to our Savior and to our Heavenly Father as an eternal family."


Alyse said...

Go Ben!! So exciting! And he truly does have one of the biggest hearts! Landon and I always say that he has a real gift of making everyone he knows feel special and know that he loves them. It is such a special, special gift. We love that guy!!

thatjordangirl said...

YAY! As soon as I get home I'm liking that page. I remember Ben and Adam (and Landon, haha!) wrestling in high school, Ben always had the happiest disposition. He really is an inspiration and deserves to go to the Olympics! Thank you for this, keep me posted!

Brooke T said...

OH my goodness that picture is ADORABLE!! Good luck to him I know he will do great and that's such an accomplishment! I remember one year my mom and I volunteered at a special olympics bowling event and it was so much fun!! I wish I could come watch Ben! Can't wait to hear more about this :)

Natalie Moon said...

I've never met Ben before but I loved the story so I couldn't help but head over and like the FB page. Hope you're doing well, Haley!

Eva Marie said...

That video was amazing :) Good for him, I can't believe he could be on his way to the OLYMPICS in a few short months.. this is crazy!! Girl you know I will be cheering him on.. please keep us updated :)
How exciting for everyone in your family :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Ooooh! GO BEN! How cool is this?! I Liked the fb page! :)

and I LOVED the video. It made me teary-eyed...what an INSPIRATION Ben is! So amazing. I'll be cheering him on from Alabama as he goes for his dreams!

Britney said...

I loved that video! So inspiring! Anyone with his circumstances might have shied away from the spotlight but he thrives in it! Your whole family must be so proud of him!

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