Saturday, April 21, 2012

In the backyard

Side note: I'm writing this in the bathroom, next to the tub while Brooks plays in the barely-running water, and Ava is in dreamland in her bassinet. Slowly but surely I'm working on getting this mommy-balancing-act thing down ;)
Oh, and miss Ava is ONE MONTH today!! Where does the time go?

This afternoon was practically perfect.

Spent in the backyard soaking up sunshine...helping Brooks hunt for ants (He would say "Byyyyee! Byyyeee!" every time one went down a crack. Cutest thing ever)...walking in cool grass...laying on big, soft beach towels...eating melty creamcicles...watching my Ava girl take her nap in the shade.
You know, what good spring days are made of.

The only thing missing was Daddy :)

Spiritual Health:
Read "Worship the Lord by Singing Hymns" by W. Herbert Klopfer
I know uplifting music carries such a spirit with it...and I've witnessed it even more with my son.  Singing "I Feel My Savior's Love" to Brooks has soothed and calmed him down like almost nothing else :)


Cynthia B. said...

aww both your little ones are so precious :)

zeilenblicke said...

Haley, I cannot get over how beautiful you and your family are! Seriously.

Pia said...

Gah sorry, wrong Google account. :)

Brooke T said...

What a great day! I love your headband and one month already?! YAY!I love your new header too!

Davis Valley Classic said...

Hey! Why are you wearing MY swimsuit? Hahaha!

Darling pictures, it looks like a perfect day to be outside. I was working all day yesterday, but Mike took the kids outside too and said the weather was wonderful. He got so sunburned poor guy. I love the last picture of little Ava sleeping on the blanket. Where did the last month go?! Oh, and your headband is so cute, love it!

Britney said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful babies. Beautiful. And beautiful/hot mom on the cover of Vogue. Just saying. We're soaking in some fabulous weather over here too! (finally) and I am right there in the grass with you ;)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

haha! I write many a blog posts from the comfort of the bathroom floor while Hudson plays in the tub, so I feel ya, girl! ;)

These pictures are beyond beautiful! I CAN NOT believe gorgeous little miss is already 1 month old! And I can not believe what a BEAUTY you are, Haley!

I wish Hudson and I could jump right into these photos and spend a backyard day with you looks absolutely perfect. :)

Unknown said...

Ava is such a doll!

his little lady said...

you next to your baby girl is absolutely beautiful!!!! great images! and what a perfect day!
xo TJ

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