Friday, April 27, 2012

Dear Brooks,

When you first met your baby sister you were kind of out of your element..neither Dad or I had been home that morning to get you out of your crib (so grateful to Grandma Kjar who was there though). And when you came to the hospital it was a new, strange environment to say the least. You really were not interested in baby Ava, and that was okay. You wanted to either dance and color with Daddy, or snuggle and play with me (and the room's phone;) in my hospital bed. :) But it was in my bed, the second day at the hospital, that you gave her a kiss! The sweetest kiss on her tiny head, I'll never forget it.

Upon getting home, Daddy and I would talk about "baby sister Ava" (before she was born we would talk about "baby," so it was fun to have a name with it) and encourage you to give her hugs and kisses...but you mostly wanted to just look at her, and maybe give her a light kiss on the top of her head or tickle her toes every once in a while when I'd pull her feet out of her sleeper. "Ticka, ticka, ticka, tickoo!" we'd say together. It was beyond adorable! I'd offer for you to hold her and every time you'd decline, which was, again, absolutely okay. I didn't want to push anything faster than what you were comfortable with.

Well, this past Monday night Dad came home from cheering on Uncle Ben at the Olympic Trials in Iowa City all were SO excited to see him at the airport! I think it was a miracle you went to bed that night in your own crib, you were glued to him the second he had you in his arms at the airport. ;) The next morning you came into our bedroom, I was just finishing nursing Ava, and you said, "Babyyyyy!" in your most adorable, excited voice. Daddy offered for you to hold her and you got the biggest smile on your face!

You sat at the head of the bed and held your baby sister for the first time.

Oh I'm smiling just typing this! Dad and I asked where her nose, eyes, ears, teeth (or lack there of), chin, and cheeks were...and you pointed each, tiny feature out. Oh I was one proud Mama! I think you first held Ava that morning because you wanted to show off to Dad what a good big brother you are to her...I know you're sweet to her, because you see your Daddy be sweet to her, and to me. I'm lucky to have such tender, loving boys in my life! And since that morning, multiple times a day you'll come up to me when I have her, and you'll put your little, but strong arms out and and say "Baby, baby." Then I proceed to melt into a puddle, then of course let you hold her to your heart's content. ;)

I'm so impressed to see what a sweet, tender big brother you're becoming. You've handled this transition so far SO WELL. I love you sweet boy. Keep up the awesome big brother love, Ava is lucky to have you!!

Love always,

PS - Here are some photos of you & Aves...those sweet moments are dear to my heart :)
Wish I knew what you were thinking right the, peaking at your new baby sister... 
"Ticka, ticka, ticka, tickoo!"

Sweet morning together before General Conference...
At Ava's 2-week check-up...pointing out little sister's nose :)
Kisses in Mama & Daddy's bed...
Sharing your apple ;)
First time holding her! You were so tender...
Kisses on the couch!
Love your hand on her friends :)

PPS - These pictures are from a little mommy-son date we went on a few weeks ago. Love that you were wearing your "big brother" shirt. :) Sweet Grandma Stum stayed home with Ava, while you and I went out to enjoy the sun and some yummy frozen yogurt. I love our time together Brooks! And I could've eaten you instead of the fro-yo, you were just too sweet eating with 2 spoons. ;)

Spiritual Health:
Read "He Lives! The Witness of Ladder-day Prophets" from the March 2008 Ensign.  An incredible article from one of my favorite Ensign issues! The testimony excerpt that touched me most when I read it was by David O. McKay:
‘How can we know the way?’ asked Thomas, as he sat with his fellow apostles and their Lord at the table after the supper on the memorable night of betrayal; and Christ’s divine answer was: ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. …’ (John 14:5–6.) And so he is! He is the source of our comfort, the inspiration of our life, the author of our salvation. If we want to know our relationship to God, we go to Jesus Christ."


Davis Valley Classic said...

Love all of these pictures! Especially the one from the morning of general conference, I could just kiss Brooks' sweet little lips!
And look at the picture where Brooks is sharing his apple with Ava. Look at her face. It looks like she is looking right at him and recognizes him. It almost looks like she is going to give him a big smile! I've always believed Avery knew Grant when she was born. I'm sure Ava is happy to be reunited with her BFF and future partner in crime!!!

Kris and Cath said...

Haley! I love that you capture all of these beautiful moments. They look like they are going to be such great buds! I bet they already are... reminds me of Phil and me growing up and to this day--BFF.

madison kate said...

gosh. the third and fourth photos? absolutely two of my favorite pictures i've ever seen. your kids are so so so sweet.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I'm so glad you wrote down these precious moments of Brooks and Ava "getting to know one another".

Sometimes I feel like I know little Brooks...probably because I've been reading for so long, and probably also because he reminds me so much of my little Hudson, who is just a bit older. As the days came before Ava arrived, I found myself thinking about him, and rooting for him...praying that he would handle his transition from only to brother very easily. I am so proud of your sweet little boy, and my heart melts thinking about his tiny self being so tender with his even tiny-er sister. I look forward to giving Hudson a sweet sibling to love one day...and I hope he's just as loving as your Brooks is with Ava.

p.s. Please tell me you have that 3rd photo framed? BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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